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What happened to UHLE 2064 team?

Dee Dark

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It's been about a whole year I'm away from the emu scene, so I'm a bit off the news... I'd like to know what happened to the guys at "The Last Resort", team of UltraHLE 2064... What was the last version released? this kind of stuff...


Ninja Princess
Last update was in 2003, official site is long gone, no news on the forum for over a year.

I'm loath to do this, but unless someone from the team pops up to correct me, I'd call this one dead.

Dee Dark

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frsoldier, Lillymon, thanks for the answers... Too bad they're gone...

But Blacklord, I guess you mistook my post. Please, be sure to know what was asked before answering.

I was just curious, for Dominator, Hacktarux, etc, those folks remember me the old times of emulation, where we could play genesis roms in a 486 (I did it!), or n64 in a voodoo3-powered celeron 466 (I did it also, with the old UltraHLE, back in 1999)... Why bother using UHLE2064 when we have PJ64 and 1964 running almost perfectly? tsc, I'm no emu-n00b.

sorry for the rant...


Hacktarux is still alive for sure :D Latest Mupen wasn't released long ago, so he must be around yet :) did you try him?


A bunch of us are still around the 'scene', just kinda moved on to other things..

Last time I spoke with Dominator he was really busy with real life and things were only going to get more hectic, others have gone back into their own projects or moved onto others.

As it is I think we pushed UltraHLE to its limits, the compatibility grew quite a lot, and theres a lot of other things in there, without a lot of code rewriting/refining, etc.. I don't see the compatibility growing much, but I cant code that well so I probably wouldnt know.

It's fairly safe to assume the project is kinda dead I guess, though ya never know.. we bought UltraHLE back from the ashes once, nothing says it cant happen again :)


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Ha brings back memories. I played UltraHLE on a P2 266 48mb EDO ram, and with a 16mb Voodoo Banshee. It ran pretty darn good. Played Mario Kart 64, Mario 64, and Zelda at fully playable speeds too. Ahh good times.


Ninja Princess
UltraHLE was pretty good for its time, but its time was in 1999. Even UltraHLE Alpha and UltraHLE 2064 haven't seen any updates since 2003 (God I'm old). I don't think we'll see either come back after all this time. It's not all bad though. Mupen64Plus is looking promising in the short-term, MESS in the medium to long-term, and Project64 in the ???-term.

The days of high level Nintendo 64 emulators are about over now. With more and more powerful CPUs on the market (the Core 2 goes up to 3Ghz now, and Nehalem is just around the corner), 2008 is probably going to be the year of low level Nintendo 64 emulation. After years of fiddling around with counter factors and plugins, the end of HLE can't come soon enough in my opinion.