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What are you playing at the moment?


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In the spirit of "What are you listening to?" and showing off your desktop in talk of the town I ask you what are you playing and why?

Give, the name of the game, what system it's for and a short synopsis of what you like/don't like about it.


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Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil - XBox

Thanks to the wonder that is play.com I picked this up brand new for £12.99. I couldn't argue with that price given the reviews. And it's a very good game, a bit short maybe, but from the looks of it, the game was made with a sequel in mind (Whether it'll get one I don't know). It's beautifully designed and some parts of the game are particularly striking. Some people have called it an adult Zelda, which it isn't. What it is though is a game set in a beautifully imagined world, with good character designs and great gameplay.


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Ditto on BG&E. Very good game.

Currently playing:

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter - PS2

Shame on Capcom for writing probably the worst videogame manual ever. Not only are things poorly explained, but some things are explained incorrectly. I mean, what the manual says is opposite of what exists in the game. Whatever the case, it's an enjoyable dungeon crawler/RPG with one of the better battle systems for the genre. Though the game is very linear, a guide is an absolute must, if only to understand the nuances of the Restore/Restart system. Clean graphics, great music, and a subdued but interesting story have made it well worth my time. The fact that I picked it up for $15 doesn't hurt either.


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I'm playing Diablo 2 like mad at the moment, because I'm freaking addicted. The bloody item hunt, it's maddening.
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Shining force (on GBA). I'm currently on the third chapter.
Since I rarely stay at home more than 1-2 hour(s) (due to vacation) it would be pointless to start playing a game on any system other than a handheld.


I've marked the summer holidays for FFX-II :D

Right now i'm playing with the settings of the Glide 64 SP3 plugin :D


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Just finished kingdom hearts - PS2. Wish this was posted about a week ago, haha, I loved that game. Can't wait for the sequal later this year.

Game I'm currently going through is: FFX (PS2 obviously)

Like about it: Excellent graphics; good story line; summons look better than ever; Finally have voices to go with the characters.

Don't like about it: Too much like FF8 (not enough freedom, walk so far in a straight line to get to your next battle); STILL can't skip the summons animation; Blitzball sucks; have to restart my game because my memory card erased my games (25hours into it).
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I've comleted FFX and Kingdom hearts , very good games indeed... have you made it to beat sephiroth in KH ? Im on level 100 and know what to do ( i got a walkthrough ) , but i still can't beat him :(

Ok , now im playing Halo on PC....


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Hey, if you can shorten them, that's good enough, I'll look into that, thanks.

As for KH... yeah, I tosted sephiroth and all of the optional bosses ect. I think I toasted sephiroth at level 82 or so. Can post some screenies and such in the screenies section if you want me to. I'm using dscaler and have it hooked up to my computer. Walkthroughs ruin such a good game like Kingdom Hearts. :p
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i picked up paper mario for my n64 from ebay just recently and i have been playing it like mad for the past few days. i remember beating this game well 2 years ago on project64, but nothing beats the real thing :D


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BG&E, Manhunt - PC
Manhunt's pretty cool. Most of the game requires you to sneak up behind a guy and execute him with a baseball bat/piece of glass/plastic bag or some other foreign object, and of coarse you get guns later on. Pretty violent, but really fun. Best part is when you sneak up behind a guy and pop him with a sawed-off shotgun.


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Been playing through the Mega Man series for the NES. I'm on Mega Man III now. I'm not progressing very quickly though, first time to play these games. :p


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Modem said:
FFX STILL can't skip the summons animation;

you cant skip them, but you can shorten them, in the options menu is a bit that lets u shorten the summons. it occasionally still plays the full summon, and i think the probability of that is higher on the harder bosses, but it will always play the full animation the first time you use something, so you wont mis out on anything

ah but it seems that opun reading the bits of this thread that i didntread, someone hs already awnsered.



Im playing FF-7 (PC version) ATM . I can quite understand now why it's said that it is the best FF ever...

I wonder why it's running so good on my machine . I've seen and heard lots about errors in the game ( Crash in the first combat , random crashes , crashes at specific places , graphical glitches which are causing eye cancer :D etc... ) , so i wonder why it runs perfect for me :eek:

After FF-7 , i'll play FF-8... again . I've beaten the game on the PSX before .