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Welcome to EmuTalk - introduce yourself


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I thought it would be a good idea with a thread where people can introduce themselves. So I guess I'll start.:king:

I'm Martin and I'm the founder/owner of Emulation64.com, EmuTalk.net and also some other sites that are non-emulation related.

I'm managing the Emulation64 Network which consists of over 150 hosted sites, mostly emulation related. We're hosting quite a few emulators as well. We offer free hosting on our servers so anyone who's working on an emulator or emulation site are welcome to join us.

I started Emulation64.com back in 1999 (wow, it's been a while) so the site is actually one of the oldest still active emulation sites. EmuTalk followed shortly after that since we needed a message board for the popular site. Back then we used a forum software called Ikonboard. We switched to vBulletin in 2001.

I'm a 31 year old engineer with a love for video games and emulation, I can't say for sure but I'm pretty sure than in 10 years you'll still see me in front of the computer or console playing games. ;)


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Hello, i'm Nes_player4life.
i'm not of the oldest members of emutalk, however i have been here for some time.
i joined this site to post a fix i found for Starwars SOFE.
at the time this game would not play for anyone i saw that as a challenge and found a fix.

Then Rice came along with ricevideo v1.9.9 or whatever plugin it was and Hirez-retexturing was born.
i found myself with the need to in prove mariokart64 after learning the ropes from Amber.
to this day i still modify his Great pack in hopes that it will be the best mariokart pack available.

i am also a Moderator over at N64redux.com


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Hi, I'm smcd, and I'm an emuholic. :party:
* all together*
Hello smcd.
But I think we can't cure you here, because most of us are emuholics because of emutalk.

I think I should introduce myself aswell: I'm 24 years old, a coder, artist, soldier and student at the moment.
I'm in the emulation scene for multiple years now, my interest grow after reading about it in a magazine. Quickly after, I got my first NES emulator and that started my emulation addiction. I've registered myself here at emutalk to join the beta tester group for 1964 but sadly I didn't made it. :p

But since then I already beta tested a lot other projects (dolwin, glide64, demul, Dolphin, Chankast Utilities, Satourne... and more) and tried to contribute as much as I could to give something back to a scene which gave me that much joy. I met a lot great people over the years and hope it will continue the following years, because I learned a lot, regarding my coding style, project management and even "international conversation", because in no other scene you will meet that much interesting people of different nationalities.


It feels strange introducing myself to a forum I've been a part of for the past 10+ years!


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I am Gent and unlike Martin i am also not the stig lol

I first joint the emutalk forum as The Gentleman way back when maybe 2000 after being directed here by the NeSC website run by smiff of Project64 fame.

My wife and i soon made ET our home and have loved it ever since.

I have met some extraordinary characters and been involved in some amazing projects over these years and they have all been possible because of this great community.

I have much love for ET and the entire Emulation64 Network and take this opportunity to welcome new members, say a big hi to old friends who may and may not still be with us and a huge big hug to our old mate and founder of the emu64 Network Martin for making this all possible.

Long Live Emutalk and may we see many more years to come in this still thriving and family like community. :et:


I think I entered in 2000 1999 era I can't remember. I don't know HOW soon it was after when or what. Just seems like forever.

In the mean time I work as an engineer (and did when I joined) and this made me perhaps an early emulation freak.

If you ever had to reverse engineer a freaking Z80 based dinosaur you would understand why this stuff happens. (Really I'm serious :D)

In the end I just had too much fun trying to get IcePir8's N64 emulator working :D so I stuck around!



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just thought id introduce myself, so, nice to meet you everyone. i am kinda new to emulators and forums, so please don't expect much, thank you. - krisserene


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Hello, everyone. I'm a 28 year old child who enjoys old-school gaming and modifications. I live in the mountains of Montana, and may or may not become a student, once again. I am currently working on a mod of WWF No Mercy, one of my personal favorites.

Thanks for having me! Pardon my posting abilities, my keyboard is broke, new one should get here any day.


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Hello. I am darklink99. I have been to several different forums over the years and decided to try this place out in hopes that it isn't as dead as all the others. And because I am a pretty good hacker. I can't draw at all ( unless you want an impressive stick figure). But I do have quite a bit of knowledge about texture hacking. I was on a site where all of the most skilled hacks came from. Z64Station Forums. I will try to stay active for as long as I can but no promises.


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I'm t0rek and I joined this forum many years ago, I don't remember why. I still visit from time to time, good memories here :)


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Hey, I'm new here, in a sense. I've been around the forums for years, I just never decided to register. But hey, I'm here now.

Location: TX
Age: 19
Hobbies & Interests: Fighting Games
Fav System: PC
Misc: I run an online site called "The Zero Generation". We're an online fighting game community that's just starting off.


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Hello, my nam is Alex i have 22 year and i play with N64 emulator, i am french sorry for my poor English.


Hi everyone,

Well most know me from TR64 and TR64_ogl plugin. I am a professional programmer. I have worked in a lot of defferent area including coin op games. I still got the emu addiction after all these years. LOL I continue to work on TR64 and my plug in. I wrote XBox 360 Commander utility for the XB0x 360 HDDs. It still has a lot that needs done. Maybe I will find time to finish it.


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Most people know me already since I've been here for what feels like forever.

So yeah, hi.

Chilly Willy

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I'm new to the board, but not to emulation. I've been working on emulators since the early 90's, having worked on emulators of Macs, PCs, Ataris, and Apples on Amigas, Macs, PCs, and the PSP (I did the current port of Basilisk II for the PSP). Some of the emulators I've worked on were ports of other people's emulators (like the aforementioned Basilisk II), some were all my own work, and some were done with my brother.

Anywho, nice to be here. Looks like a good place for a guy like me. :)


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Hello everyone, i´m glen, 21 Years old. Student in Mechanical engineering.

I´m a huge fan of F-ZERO X and Remote Controled Cars.
So You can imagine than I have a huge project! An F-ZERO like, flying Remote Controled car.

But I need your help, I start a new thread in the General discution Section.