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Weird I/O problem


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I had zombie revenge working, using 8 way arcade joystick as analogue, which worked but really granular direction controls.

Then for some reason , days later, P2 direction controls made character always walk forward.. without any input.

I went Into to test menu to see what's going on with inputs, under JVS test everything looked good, when I press P2 up, down , left, right the counts increased or decreased (by counts I mean analogue counts which is what analogue signals are converted to digitally).

But in game character just want to go one direction no matter what you do with joystick.

I ended up deleting the nvram file for the game and this cleared up issue?


Demul developer
perhaps P2 controls was not calibrated in game assignments ?
if nvram file contents was the cause, we can't figure out what was wrong, since it was deleted.