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These ARE NOT PRE-RENDERED OR CG. THEY ARE INGAME ON THE XBOX 2. (on their site, they say that they are taken directly from the level, ala ingame.)

These are made with an alpha version of the hardware supposively, just like the Elder Scrolls IV shots were on an Xbox 2. But, this game looks VERY impressive.

Site: www.WarDevil.com
Pictures: http://forum.teamxbox.com/showthread.php?t=312307

Sample Pic:



That screen is close to that what i've expected of the Xbox2. I hope the Xbox2 will have more luck on the Market than it's predecessor, especially the start of the xbox1 flopped IMO


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I heard that there will be three XBOX2 (XBOX Fusion, Xenon, Next, whatever the crap you wanna call it) versions, one without a hard drive, one with an HD, and one that is also a PC. That last one sounds kind of cool, but it does open up a big "if". "If" one was to figure out how they were running XBOX2 code on a Quasi PC/XBOX2 system, wouldn't it be possible to hack it apart and play our XBOX2 games on our PCs?


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If you read a bit further down it seems that only the first 25 pics are real-time. Makes sense when you look at them, but I was almost not impressed with the pre-rendered ones so go figure...