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VMRL troubles


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The VMRL exporting is excellent, but I'm having some troubles...

1) I only get one vmrl file names ".wrl" in my Project64 directory. As I understand it, TR64 should be writing a new one with a number for a name every fifteenth of a second or so.
2) The surface normals of the VMRL files are reversed. It a trivial problem to fix, but annoying nonetheless.
3) Finally, 3ds Max has trouble importing some of the files. Unfortunatly, I can't remember the error exactly, but it's something like "Can't load parameter ??." where ?? is a number (I remember 4 and 16 for two of the files).

Thanks for the plugin and any help resolving these issues!

P.S. Is there a utility that will dump 3d models fro Game Cube?