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VisualBoy Advance 1.2


<b>VisualBoy Advance 1.2</b>

Forgotten has released a new version of VisualBoy Advance, a great GBA emulator for the Windows/Linux and BeOS operating systems. Here's whats new:<br><br><li>added MidiKey2Freq bios call (thanks Chris Moeller)<br><li>added AdvanceMAME Scale2x and Simple 2x filters<br><li>added support for higher frameskip (up to 9)<br><li>added C core for portability<br><li>added big endian support<br><li>added support for movement sensor (thanks Parasyte)<br><li>added support for selecting save type available<br><li>fixed another value for the bios protection<br><li>fixed sound envelope reload bug (thanks jaymzj)<br><li>fixed timer counter (not changing the value of the counter unless the timer overflows or is restarted)<br><li>fixed problem on big endian when setting IO memory reable positions<br><li>fixed reset LCD after disabling forced blank<br><li>speed up now uses frameskip 9 (6 FPS)<br><li>improved message when BIOS function cannot be emulated<br><br>There are also some changes which are specific to the various ports of the emulator.<br><br>You can visit the VisualBoy Advance homepage by clicking <A HREF="http://vboy.emuhq.com">here!</A><br>You can goto the projects SourceForge to download the binary/source by clicking <A HREF="http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=63889">here</A>.<br><br><i>-Quvack</i><br>


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The SDL version has no GUI. You have to start it with a ROM image, and it needs to be configured with a plaintext .cfg file.

<the .exe name here> <path to a .GBA dump here>

Or drag onto a shortcut.

Really, you're better off using the native GUI port. The SDL port is best reserved for front-ends, or something like that.