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VirtuaNES 2 players movie problem!!!!


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Hi everyone, this is my first post, thank you for reading!

well...i use to capture my own NES gameplays with VirtuaNES and it works perfect...BUT...

when i want to capture a movie of a game that allows 2 players, and i call a friend to play with me, i start recording...and then when i'm checking the movie a weird thing happens.... the sprite of player 2 is frozen!! :(

Is like the capture engine doesn't record the movements of player 2...so weird...and is impossible to capture a 2 player NES game... :(

Someone else has tried it?



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When you record a "movie," you're actually recording controller input. If you're using netplay, there's no way for the emulator to record your friend's input.


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Hey! thanks for your reply, but i'm not using netplay when i'm recording a movie, i mean my friend is playing in the same keyboard as me or he sometimes uses a usb controller. Anyway is the same thing, VirtuaNES seems to has a bug with the second controller when a movie is being recorded.