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video wont initialize after load state


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I have a P2 400 with voodoo2 and 1/2 gig of ram. I am using zelda (ocarina of time) with suprahle 1.1.3. When I launch zelda the game plays fine (audio and video are perfect) so I doubt this is a hardware compatability issue. The problem happens when I try to load a saved state: I start suprahle click on the zelda rom and wait for the rom to load (zelda title screen), hit escape and goto load state, choose my previously stored state, and hit F5 (emulation start). I can tell the state has loaded properly because i hear the audio change to match the loaded state. However, the video (graphics) don't re-initialize. The suprahle application just sits their indefinately, playing the music from the loaded state. If I click on the zelda rom it starts from the beginning (not the loaded state). Does anybody know what could be causing this? The game plays fine if I play it from the start. Zelda is way too long to play through without saving states. I have used this rom with the original ultrahle and it plays fine and loads states fine; so I know it isn't corrupt. I want to use suprahle because it "appears" to run the game smoother and the audio doesn't clip. I doubt this is a bug, probably a configuration issue. Any help will be extremely appreciated.


Thank you for using SupraHLE.

But I know invite you to try out UltraHLE 2064. Offering many more options, higher compatiblity and important speed optimization, it is truely recommended that you give it a try.

Also, since we were speaking of saved states, the same system is still available. In addtion to this, UHLE 2064 covers most of the currents saved states standards such as .eep (eeprom) .mpk (mempak) and so on.

Last but not least, since you have played with SHLE 1.1.3, I'd be quite interested in hearing from you (and other SHLE users) speed wise. Do the games you played at with SHLE run faster/better with UHLE 2064 and if not, let me know what is your configuration.



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i never used SupraHLE because spaces bug
I Ever wanted to use SupraHLE but i never can use it
because spaces bug
Where can i get a FAQ ?

better ? <_< ^_^
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I've got a rom called smash bros.v64. I've renamed it to smashbros.v64, and the rom does work (until you start a match but that's another story...).


SculleatR said:
i mean, i ever wanted to use it....
but the spaces bug, how i sayed...
Well, you needn't say "i never used it because of {bla}", instead say "there's a space bug in suprahle".
Telling someone you never used it for a special reason just isn't nice to the authors and is spamming.
Just don't reply if you don't use it.


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One possible solution (works for me) is to use only quicksave and quickload, and then manually copy the save files to other names for safety reasons, as not all saved games are willing to load.

I have to press reset once to start up after beginning emulation, then i press F9 to load the latest save and there we go. the option to load a distinct name doesn't work for me either.

regards, mig