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vEX lubs <3 me


Just Another Wacko ;)
[22:00] <PsyMan> this is bannable, right?
[22:01] <[vEX]> Dude, I don't give a rants ass if you ban half of ET's members :p
[22:01] <[vEX]> I don't post/read/follow ET, remember?
[22:01] <Falcon4ev> indeed
[22:01] <Falcon4ev> vexis just there for the newsposts p
[22:01] <Falcon4ev> :p
[22:01] <Falcon4ev> since other mods are way to lazy for those :p
[22:02] <[vEX]> You know it's the sad truth :p
[22:02] <[vEX]> I'm the unwanted news posting bitch
[22:02] <PsyMan> lol
[22:03] <PsyMan> not true!
[22:03] * PsyMan lubs <3 vEXie
[22:05] <[vEX]> Eeeew
[22:05] <[vEX]> I won't women to love me and men to envy me!
[22:05] <[vEX]> >_<
[22:05] <[vEX]> WANT
[22:05] <[vEX]> Not won't
[22:05] <[vEX]> I want women to love me and men to envy me!
[22:05] <PsyMan> yeah, right
[22:05] <[vEX]> Damn this cold, making me gent
[22:05] <PsyMan> your fingers wrote the truth!
[22:05] <PsyMan> p0n3d
[22:05] <[vEX]> Bah, shut up and go ban some ET user :p
[22:06] * PsyMan goes to post this shit
I knew it, he lubs me! :p


I blame gent, it's always his fault. Always.
Now go screw your army pals and bring me some hot women to cure my cold!