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VBA-M has stopped working?


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I just downloaded VBA-M and everytime I start it up, a window pops up saying
"VisualBoyAdvance-M has stopped working..." then both the VBA-M window and the "stopped working window" shuts down. Do I need a certain plug-in or something? I am going to try no$gba if it I can connect online so I can play with my friend, I am not using VBAlink because it crashes down on me when I link. Sorry if I am a huge noob at this. :p


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Which version of VBA-M are you using? If you get a generic Windows error message, then there's not much you can do.
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I am using VBA-M build753, I tried running it in compatibility with Windows 7 but it ended up being a failure. I also tried putting it in a different folder that my original VBA is in. The error message looks like this...


Oops sorry for the blue line.