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After more than 3 years without a release it's finally here:


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.
[2.1.5] - 2022-12-15


ea2a929f - Backport 800d6ed69b from wx to fix Wayland EGL pos [rkitover]
c40a1417 - Write vsync toggle msg to debug log not OSD [rkitover]
5d2dd01e - Call Layout() after DrawingPanel OnSize event [rkitover]
da686a48 - Reinit panel on vsync toggle. [rkitover]
ec27885c - Support EGL VSync on Wayland. [rkitover]
c27d384a - Enable GL on Wayland for wx 3.2+, no vsync. [rkitover]
c249115b - build: set -mtune=generic [rkitover]
297d7c06 - [hidpi] Use wxWidgets 3.2 on Windows [steelskin]
0d86432a - [hidpi] Implement full HiDPI support [steelskin]
69d24fb5 - [build][msvc] Fix debug information and set hidpi support [steelskin]
90fc3e12 - Default CTRL+I to change interframe blender [rkitover]
a57d81e1 - Show name of interframe blender not num in OSD [rkitover]
13c558ac - Disable wireless link type [rkitover]
639003a8 - Show pixel filter name not number on cycle [rkitover]
236cffb4 - Make another adjustment to glXQueryExtensions [rkitover]
643ec0f7 - Pass DefaultScreen(display) to glXQueryExtensions [rkitover]
60d7ead5 - Fix menu state after playing a movie [laqieer]
d2fee771 - Add VBA Movie Version 2 [laqieer]
3f2d3c13 - Remove manual joystick polling [steelskin]
7726d26f - Enable full optimizations and fix x86 builds [danialhorton]
73223445 - MSVC opt /fp:fast /Oi, intrinsic sqrt() w/ XBRZ. [rkitover]
972f1513 - Enable GB colorization hack support in GUI. [danialhorton]
1741fa32 - Fix autosaveloadcheat and rename pref [danialhorton]
a31a7a30 - in Wx, the Option is Enable MMX, make the variable also enableMMX and set its default to on. [danialhorton]
983ea451 - Flash : Erased memory is FFh-filled [negativeExponent]
18e387d1 - Fix Flash chip's erase operation: erased memory is FFh-filled, not zero-filled. [laqieer]
c05056ab - HuC3: Update [negativeExponent]
93084990 - HuC3: Refactoring to avoid breaking savestates [negativeExponent]
05a046e7 - HuC3: Enable battery save, update RTC support [negativeExponent]
70477dcd - GBA:Fix serial emulation if compiled with NO_LINK [negativeExponent]
15bcad13 - GB:Fix serial emulation when compiled with NO_LINK [negativeExponent]
025f3079 - GBA:Fix a few memory read/write issues [negativeExponent]
210e79bb - Add descriptions for the 'Interframe Blending' and 'LCD Color Filter' options [jrb22x]
8a3456f8 - Default to not change battery on state load. [rkitover]
b50ff858 - add a missing break in half word reads [danialhorton]
064fa7b0 - Fix SDL audio delay [Clownacy]
7db3c817 - Fixed SDL audio using the wrong audio specification [Clownacy]
cb0933bf - Stop changing plane ptrs in rec. audio frames. [rkitover]
80634683 - Force a panel update when configuring bilinear. [briansrls]
6a714281 - Differentiate between SDL joy index/instance_id. [rkitover]
11693d83 - Clean up GB MBC30 check. [rkitover]
020daad8 - Fix joy accels when emulation is paused. [rkitover]
def5d3e4 - Stop timer when game is loaded again. [rkitover]
e0816b0e - Fix weird input/buttons memory leak. [edenisfa]
7031c1d1 - [LINUX,WINDOWS] Key/Joy background input. [edenisfa]
84f3e8ce - Allow joystick background input. [edenisfa]
40741580 - Add GUI cmd line option for config file. (#724) [Steelskin]
c169420f - Turbo/throttle config and DirectSound fixes. [rkitover]
378c9493 - Fix joystick config when game is loaded. [rkitover]
95213a6d - GB: Only use mapperLastTime to see if RTC data was loaded [negativeExponent]
86fcffef - GB: Add support for 4MB MBC30 [negativeExponent]
2f9933ae - GBA BIOS: ArcTan/ArcTan2 fixes for HLE bios [negativeExponent]
d9732f68 - Fix clock cycle count for MUL, MLA instructions... (https://github.com/libretro/vba-next/commit/b91f39c787cc99ace97546cb94985f3b658c8b57) - backport Fix clock cycle count for some arm/thumb instructions (https://github.com/libretro/vba-next/commit/5243b2d8064dd2145888ced7cbfe127594ecf6db) - backport Fix base cycle count for MUL, MLA series (https://github.com/libretro/vba-next/commit/b91f39c787cc99ace97546cb94985f3b658c8b57) [negativeExponent]
c07d5b65 - Fix vram 16/32 bit unaligned reads(backport https://github.com/libretro/vba-next/commit/7f18771165dd4a6d71a598c51d91668920572eaa) [negativeExponent]
18c2ea61 - Further fixing Multi Buffer formatting. [briansrls]
1e569300 - Addressing audio plugin crash [briansrls]
9c314a15 - Use proper string "wglGetExtensionsStringEXT". [edenisfa]
3ba05295 - Improve BIOS Math tests score from 425 to 625. [edenisfa]
6f2e320d - Improve clock cycle count for THUMB operations. [edenisfa]
9e537a8f - Improve cycle count for MUL, MLA. [edenisfa]
306f92f5 - Check game kbd input with wxGetKeyState() again. [rkitover]
6b257d52 - Avoid override of variable throttle for turbo. [edenisfa]
bd2483ca - Allow changing connection type without restart. [edenisfa]
d379a076 - Decrease mouse sensitivity for menu hiding. [rkitover]
0c5ee994 - Fix PNG capture screen. [edenisfa]
1347026d - Turbo config refactor followup. [rkitover]
1bced474 - Codesign fix for mac. [rkitover]
07064c87 - [Windows,MacOS] Auto-updater refactoring. (#639) [denisfa]
09e8da43 - Joystick refactor pt. Deux: Support Joysticks. [rkitover]
504ca08b - Hide menubar + minor UI refactor. [rkitover]
2868c1b7 - Fix changing aspect ratio option. [rkitover]
045e95ab - GB: Support 4MiB MBC30 ROM bank select. [rkitover]
0b14e9f8 - [WINDOWS] Add function to open unicode files. (#644) [denisfa]
8e3978b3 - Speedup/Turbo/Throttle fixes. [rkitover]
166cf446 - Disable menu LCD filter unless playing GB or GBA. [edenisfa]
06001069 - Init systemColorMaps after output module init. [edenisfa]
cd029ae6 - Fix video recording with frame skip enabled. [edenisfa]
008aecde - [LINUX] Fix display of RGB values on viewers. [edenisfa]
834d1537 - Fix accel shortcuts when using some menu options. [edenisfa]
994726dd - Do not pause while opening configuration windows. [edenisfa]
54335dc6 - [WINDOWS] Fix weird WX errors messages. [edenisfa]
7bac34ed - Remove duplicate variable winFlashSize. [edenisfa]
8d62a790 - Change default options for GB. [edenisfa]
99b66e13 - Expose LCD filter for GBA and GB color saturation. [edenisfa]
c789020e - Fix Save button on OAM Viewer for GB and GBA. [edenisfa]
dcaa1b9a - Fix Save button on Tile Viewer for GB and GBA. [edenisfa]
d05e8fc1 - Make AGBPrint output to our Logging. [edenisfa]
abb82341 - Allow binding specific server IP. (#633) [rkitover]
6c64db07 - cmake: Windows codesigning refactor. [rkitover]
4f1a351d - Try to configure vsync for multiple options. [edenisfa]
ed8a9af2 - Use proper functions and checks for OpenGL VSYNC. [edenisfa]
6092082e - Fix Save Failed error for Super Monkey Ball Jr. [54053706+negativeExponent]
f1099a21 - Check return value of soundInit(). [rkitover]
410ede54 - Check for null pointer in soundReset(). [alexjnewt]
9d1d707c - Limit ROM size to 32 MiB. [negativeExponent]
fd319d21 - GB: Check header for a valid ROM file. [negativeExponent]
513af13d - Replace libpng code for stb_image one. [edenisfa]
8f48c1f0 - Fix weird wxWidgets>=3.0 error message. [edenisfa]
2f065382 - Enable XAudio2 for Windows vcpkg build. [rkitover]
a3203770 - Fix: a issue with loading e-Reader dot code (#608) [sony.pcv.s520]
83614290 - Turn on winsparkle update checking support. [rkitover]
4aab08c4 - Set link timeout default to 500ms, fix prev. dflt. [rkitover]
136c094f - Add option to set link network port. [rkitover]
f69febfd - Add .wav support for sound recording. [edenisfa]
6a8a9e62 - Fix integer overflow in cheatsImportGSACodeFile length check. [zack.ref]
b50d4845 - GBA: Fix crash when new size is larger than rom size after soft-patching [negativeExponent]
9e1a63af - support for patches in BPS format [ArtiiP]
72d0725b - Allow game window to resize on-the-fly when enabling/disabling borders [negativeExponent]
225e4dc9 - Remove top border black line when using filters. [edenisfa]
0535d5c7 - Optimize CRC32. [mudlord]
4bc9bb84 - Implement joystick rumble. #522 [rkitover]
384f4487 - Fix key accel overriding menus and dialogs. [edenisfa]
af0de1c4 - xbrz: fix inline asm check [rkitover]

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