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i used this mutator at a lan, was very funny,
i was an alien sort of thing, it looked like i had a really big rasta head :p


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might as well as post this here, though its not the pic I wanted to take and post :/.... (there was this pic I was trying to take of my character falling to the ground (male character) and a female character falling right in between him it looked like they where making love lol, with her arms around him and everything! lol, but I accidently pressed the mouse button to start the next match :/ )


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oh there's sounds!! I had the model but not the sounds! also there is a bender (futurama) with sounds too :phone: :happy: (not to mention a third person mutator, mini vechiles mutator, kung fu mutator, matrixish bullet time (and soon to have wall running) mutator, this a tator that a tator blah blah.


/me whispers
*if you look you shall not be disappointed...ted....ted....ted* :)


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shot of 3rd person mutator (with gun in hand) :satisfied

thats hitman from hitman 2 btw
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