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Using cheats on Android version of JNES?


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In the Android port, there is no method to manually add cheats as far as I can see, there is just the "cheat" button, and when I press it, it just tells me "there are no cheats available".

I searched the internet up and down, but surprisingly, all manuals on how to add/apply cheats are for the Windows version of Jnes only.

I tried to find out something myself, and in the /data/data/com.jabosoft.jnes/shared_prefs folder on my phone, there is a cheats.xml file, but that file is empty safe for a header. So it doesn't really surprise me that Jnes on Android tells me there are no cheats.

So I assume adding cheats to the Android version means writing them directly into that cheats.xml file, but without knowing the required syntax I'm at loss here.

I tried using the Jnes.cht file from the desktop version (by renaming it to cheats.xml and putting it in /data/data/com.jabosoft.jnes/shared_prefs, of course setting the required permissions. But that doesn't change anything, and on a closer look that doesn't surprise me, it's not structured like a .xml file. :)

Can anyone point me to some sort of manual about using cheats on the Android version of Jnes?

Thanks a lot guys, ahve a nice day. :)