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Use of Kaillera


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Has anyone here used Kaillera w/JNES? I have never used Kaillera with an emulator before. How do I get them to work together? I have the v.40 beta 2 of JNES. Also, where do I find "netplay" in JNES or Kaillera? I can't find it anywhere in JNES. I have Kaillera Server v.86 and Kaillera Client SDK v.9. My connection is cable modem.

Thanks for any help:)
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It's not actually implemented in 0.40 beta 2, that would be the primary problemo.


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What version do I need for Kaillera support? Will I need any additional accessories or downloads?


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SOLUTION: jnes WITH kaillera

to boggle:
i saw your post on another game forum as well.

you CAN play jnes with kaillera.


you have to get a "special" version of JNes to use kaillera. when you get this version, it will be under Options->Input. it will say Player 1, Player 2, and kaillera. if you have a LOT of games, i suggest creating a subdirectory with games you want to play over the internet with kaillera, for it will CLUTTER the kaillera menu. reason being is that with MAME, all games have a fixed filename, whereas with JNes, you can call the rom file whatever you want.

(i think) the player who sets up the game will be the "real" player 1 whereas the joining party will be the "real" player 2 (although both use joypad configs as player 1 from JNes). don't be confused by this -- it's actually better this way, so you won't have to tinker around with configs. you'll always be configed at player 1.

one bug is persistent. don't put the game in full-screen mode, or else you'll drop the connection and/or get out of sync. at least, that seems to be the case with me. so always play in window'ed mode.

oh yeah, where to get this special Jnes exe???

damn i forgot, but i have it saved on my hard drive. hold on, let me search for it...

the unofficial name of it is "jnes v0.41". you can get it here:

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if that's not there anymore, then type in "jnes 0.41" into any search engine.

THAT should solve your problem. currently, i only set up a server with a max of 2 people. me and my brother. my brother and i play super tecmo bowl via kaillera and it's mad fun. he moved 800 miles away, so it's our special way of keeping in touch. we used to play it all the time when we were smaller as well.

i haven't tried setting up a server with more than 2 people though, so i have NO idea how that would work.



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Hmm, that is kind of unfortunate that private build got out, in any event, please don't post links to that in any forum.

I don't think encouraging it is a good idea, whatever build that is, it's definitely not finished and probably has issues. If you are fortunate enough to have it, enjoy it, it's not like I'm hiding anything, but please keep it to yourself.


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hmm J untrustworthy beta testers eh dear oh dear what is the world coming to... we never had that problem with PJ did we


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just a question...

i have an fba emulator... and i'd love to play on-line via kaillera... but i dont know how!!! when i press "play via kaillera" the program opens the window "kaillera klient v0.9" and after a while it always tell me "error in getting server list".... can you tell me how to solve this problem? tnx, your very kind :bouncy:


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This thread is 3 years old (3.25 nearly) and as far as kaillera is concerned it's been down some time.