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This is only a small post to tell everyone that I'm not yet done with the mapping. I will start back in the next days (along with College). I know I have problems starting a map and finishing it before moving to another one.

I extracted the entire dD tower and ran in some problems, I wanted to restart this one on UT2k4. I had this one started on UT2k3, but after some scale and convertion problems, I need to restart it. There are 2 problems I felt on while looking at the original geometry. One of them isn't a big deal but the second one will hit hard on the original look.

The main problem is that in 2 parts of the map, depending on the location, some parts are overlayed with others.... those are:

- The inner roof part that overlays with the top of the elevators cages.

-The worse one: The 2nd Stair cage top gets in conflict with the little "hidden" vent room , that can be accessed via the inner roof part or the Cassandra's office (by making the wall explode) . What will happen is :

-Room will be resized to not get over the other one
-Room will be accessible via the wall in the cassandra's office ONLY.

I just hope I will be able to finish and release that one before stopping again or working on another map.

I will start back this map once the Facility and the Runway for the GE mod are done.

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