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Update: NeutrinoSX2 v0.08.01


Ninphin Author

This is bug fix update for yestarday release of 0.08.
Changes :
- Nasty DMAC ch2 bug (alot of crashes fixed)
- Timing issue with monalisa.elf
- Not allow to change plugins during emulation
- Fixes to translation procedures
- Updated CDVD plugin in archive
- Updates to translation files

Also i would like to announce new members of nsx2:
McLeod - Core and GS plugin programming
SculleatR - Misc and DX input plugin programming

Welcome to the team :)

We would like to get some feedback! :)

Anyway, Enjoy! :)

Binary: http://nsx2.emulation64.com/files/downloads/nsx2-0.08.1-win32.zip
Source: http://nsx2.emulation64.com/files/downloads/nsx2-0.08.1-src.zip


New member

First sorry for my bad english...

I wanted to ask : will the nsx2 team goes on on the vacation with there project? :bouncy:

Or will they have there vacation 2 ? :icecream:


Emutalk Member
I get this MsgBox when i start nSX2 0.08.01. It appeared after i configured padwinkeyb to my liking. It crashes only if i use the rdebug.dll not with null/inspector.
i don't think i changed the debugger only configured the pad plugin.
I had to edit nsx2.cfg manually to get it started.

Happens only on my Radeon system.


Strange bug,doesn't happen here,for now i can only suggest not to use
remote debugger,probably it have something to do with your system,or radeon drivers,or both,or just bad luck :)
Thanks for report.