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(Unofficial) Audio FAQ


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About audio (1.5)

1. How I can get the best sound possible?

* You can use Azimer v0.56 Audio WIP2 with Project64 RSP plugin. It’s certainly the best way to get nice sound as this plugin is using an amazing method to avoid crackling/popping noises. Jabo’s DirectSound plugin will give some good results in most cases.

* Nemu 0.8 has a good internal sound system too.

* A good optimisation trick for slow computers

Hacktarux, the author of Mupen64 and Glide64 wrapper, gave the best advice about this crucial question. This method is designed especially for slow computers.

I invite you to read carefully this thread: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=18034

Here a resume of this thread:

- Use an emulator which allow to use a RSP plugin (1964 0.99, Mupen64 0.4)
- Use Schibo’s Audio Plugin 1.2
- Use Hacktarux HLE RSP Plugin and configure it like this: Process Alists by RSP defined plugin and choose Azimer’s Audio 0.40 Beta 2. Another way is to use Hacktarux/Azimer HLE RSP plugin, which doesn’t need to be configured.

After testing this solution for a while now, I must say that the sound is wonderful with this method. Try for example D.D.R. Disney Dancing Museum and you’ll be stunned.

Unfortunately this method are limited by the rare but possible bugs that exist either in Schibo’s Audio Plugin 1.2 (for instance Ohzumou 64 2) or in Hacktarux HLE RSP (for instance Body Harvest, City Tour GP). So if a game is said playable and you can’t get in game (black screen, no controls... ), try another sound configuration.

2. What is Azimer’s Project64 Audio Fix Edition?

Azimer, the famous N64 sound plugin author, released an Audio Fix Edition for Project64 which handle some issues in few games. It contains Azimer’s HLE Audio 0.55.1 Alpha plugin and a special binary of Project64. The first one must be put in the plugin directory of Project64 and the second one in the directory of Project64. Start Project 64 with the new pj64.exe and use Azimer’s HLE Audio 0.55.1 Alpha. This is the only configuration possible, so do not try this fix with another emulator or sound plugin because it won’t work.

The games, which need this fix, are:

- HVS Adventure Racing (1)
- Top Gear Rally (2)

(1) : doesn’t hang anymore (2) Better sound

Notice that this list had been considerably reduced with Project v1.6 or Mupen 0.5 using Azimer v0.56 Audio WIP2 sound plugin.

Notice also that Boss Games Studio games (Stunt Racer 64, Top Gear Rally, Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding, World Driver Championship) have some trouble with sound because it’s using an unknown sound microcode.


1964 0.99 (Schibo’s Audio Plugin 1.2): http://1964emu.emulation64.com/download.htm
Mupen64 0.5 (Hacktarux HLE RSP Plugin): http://mupen64.emulation64.com/down.htm
Hacktarux/Azimer HLE RSP plugin: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=18129
Azimer’s Project64 Audio Fix Edition: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=15514
Azimer v0.56 Audio WIP2 sound plugin: http://www.emutalk.net/apollo/27610-audio-v0-56-wip2-download-feedback.html

Thanks Azimer, Blight, Hacktarux, Jabo and Schibo for their great works.

Hope that this F.A.Q will be helpful.
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hmm is it possible to remove the non related posts ? Thanks

By the way i've updated the faq to version 1.3



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i've updated the faq to version 1.5

a lot of things change with PJ64 1.6, Mupen 0.5 and of course Azimer v0.56 Audio WIP2 sound plugin.