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Unable to use chankast for Test Drive 6

How Can you help me get Test Drive 6?

  • Original PC versions (without need to use emulators & play with keyboard)

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  • Step by step procedure on how to make Test Drive 6 work with chankast

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  • I can help you through commenting in your original post

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First of all, I am new to emulators. Please read full and hlep me get through with this.
I downloaded a old game Test Drive 6 from cool rom website
It recommend chankast as preferred emulator. The game is in .cdi file extension. I used daemon tools to mount the .cdi file and then opened chankast and selected the drive. then i clicked start from run menu. a default 'animation' plays few seconds and then nothing happens. I went to "configure controls" option and there i see a image of joypad. Can't i use keyboards for this game? Is that what preventing from opening the game?
Thanks in advance.
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