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Ummm account errors


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Hi all,

How come my account (tbag) gets the same error? Im not allowed todo anything did one of you mods ban me for no reason?
Seriously i had to create a crappy hotmail account just to post this asking for my old account back..

This afternoon i log on to emutalk and it just keeps saying You do not have permission etc..

Is it a bug in the forum? note i would like my old account back and working or otherwise i cant be bothered staying on this forum branded with a crappy 2 after my name and no post counts :(

Any of you mods wanna help us out??


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I've asked about this in the staff forum - could be that you were banned, could also just be some error. Looking at the logs, it seems like an error - but who knows.


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I will set IP-bans on these two (tbag and yogaman) since they have been banned and aren't welcome. Our warning logs tells us that tbag requested warez, and was warned by blizz and therefore banned. yogaman was banned before we started using the warnings system.

I'm not doing this to be cruel, I don't enjoy it. But, people who don't follow our rules aren't welcome here and if people are allowed to register a new nick and come back, what's the idea of banning?