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Martin said:
Give me a shout and I'll help you out, Dominator. :)

now u r not homeless anymore Dominator :p , i thought i guess it was possible ultrahle 2064 was dead, i would hate see an emu that demands so low from computers end.


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Dominator said:
Unfortunately ... we've lost our hosting solution.

UHLE 2064 is now homeless

Not to annoy you or anything, or pressure you into a new release, but I was just curious...Is this project dead, or are you just without a home? UtraHLE is a great emulator in my opinion but it lacks progress, and I'd hate to see it die. :santa:


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I thought all these UltraHLE projects are dead... or did someone know more? Would be interesting!


I think progress is just kind of idle at the moment, everyone in the team has been extremly busy doing their own things, work, study, etc. I did a few patches a while ago to get some more games booting but it wasnt anything special, simply other regions of games that were already working.