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Translation needed - song


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Ok, first of all, don't go all crazy about me with what you'll hear/read ok? :p

I have felt on a "medley" mix of the Pokemon (yes I know) cartoon main theme in multi languages on ytmnd. It actually sounds nice. I had some crazy idea (it's almost 2AM) about getting it fully translated in the "correct" language and in english.

If you know ANY of those languages in the list at the end and that it's not with a "X" yet, I would like you to post the "REAL" lyrics along with an english translation.

The ytmnd link:

The lyrics. those have been "englished" by the guy, to "understand" where u are and the language used, those in bold are already translated (or didn't need to) , the time stamps have been added so you can see where you need to check (attachement):

0:07 I kill big bees, the male obscene, (Czech)
0:10 Boy man, sits a line. (Finnish)
0:14 That's a line from a singer. (German)
0:16 They plan it on my dog. (Swedish)
0:20 Pokemon evolved from man. (Croatian)
0:23 buscando hasta el fin (searching even to the end) (Spanish, Latin America)
0:27 Use the chance to chew your smock; (Polish)
0:30 It's always been our dream. (English)

0:34 When it wasn't a lie. I'm done for me. (Hebrew)
0:37 Rick James in the light fey game! (Hungarian)
0:40 Do me best of men, how 'bout you the escaden? (Norwegian)
0:47 Wearing different goggles...It's sex-ay. (Portuguese, Brazil)
0:51 Don't let a papa rot and mold! (Greek)
0:53 Do on me (Swedish)
0:55 and boo your bra! (Czech)
0:59 Gotta catch them all, gotta catch them all! (English)

Yeah... (English)

1:09 Un jour je serais, le meilleur dresseur (One day I'll be the best Trainer) (French)
1:11 el mejor que habrá jamás (the best that will ever be) (Spanish, Spain)
1:15 Keep the ass down, Pokemon. (Arabic)
1:18 I cannot dig it far! (German)

1:22 Bust the nay, you're probably just (Russian)
1:25 Kefka, Pokemon. (Swedish)
1:28 This pokemon: a zoo, fashtay; (German)
1:31 A gay seal's hat. (Czech)

1:35 Check the geeky spaz! Don't sit by and fish! (Czech)
1:38 Who also deserves being hit! (Czech)
1:42 Oh, the gay Ross butt out. (Hungarian)
1:44 A Jew's an on fire drunk! (Hungarian)
1:48 Contch's ass-idea! Contch ass is good! (German)
1:52 Ooh, drink it while she can! (Hungarian)
1:54 Freak and drama, then you'll butt out! (Hungarian)
2:00 Sadass mecha dream, (Hungarian)
2:02 gotta catch them all! (English)

2:05 Gotta catch them all... (English)
2:14 Gotta catch them all! (English)
2:21 Gotta catch them all! (English)
2:24 Yeah! (English)

2:44 Hallmark said it sucked! Ask a ban! (Finnish)
2:47 You'd sink if I sail that sea! (Portuguese, Portugal)
2:51 Oh, moo teat Hellen Ace. (Czech)
2:53 It's a sadly geek display! (Czech)
2:57 Bust the fungal thing! Nidoking! (Swedish)
3:01 A vag on dong, a shing. (Polish)
3:04 Turn the xeno, (Polish)
3:05 imbecile! (Danish)
3:09Turn the risque map, turn the risque map! (Polish)

Current languages done with credit :p
LANGUAGE--------------------------DONE------Credit to
- swedish                         
- croatian                        
- spanish  (latin america)         X        t0rek
- polish 
- english                          X        ....lol
- hebrew
- hungarian
- norwegian
- portuguese (Brazil)
- brazil
- greek
- french                           X        Knuckles
- spanish  (spain)                 X        t0rek
- arabic
- russian
- portuguese (portugal)
- danish



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...lol no success..... I'm sure if I was another thing than pkmn, everyone would have posted :p

btw, I said it was 2AM, I always have crazy ideas at this time when I'm tired ;)

tye stik

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1:31 A gay seal's hat. (Czech)

1:48 Contch's ass-idea! Contch ass is good! (German)

1:15 Keep the ass down, Pokemon. (Arabic)

1:35 Check the geeky spaz! Don't sit by and fish! (Czech)

rofl, classic. I listened to this song like 10 times, its awesome... that hungarian singer is great. I dont think we need to translate this one... its alot more entertaining this way.
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The Swedish one.. I bet it's Marty singing! :p

I think I'll google for the real lyrics......

found some lines so far..

0:07 Já chtěl bych být ten nejlepší
0:55 dvahou se půjdem prát
1:31 A jejich sílu znát
1:35 všechny chytit máš, To jsem já i ty
1:38 Můj osud nic nezmění
2:51 Á můj příteli nej
2:53 Svět se zdá být někdy zlej

Czech done... need translation now :p
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I knew I shoulda taken a different language in school!

If we get this thing totally done... it will sound really screwed up. Think about it, all of the english words have been rearranged in all other languages, and some words have alternate spelling.

Somewhere we will get a "Pikachu looks like a rat on PCP" line... IT'S COMING I TELL YOU!


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I like how that page has Chinese characters on it, but there is no actual part of the song in any asian language. =P


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that might look stupid but I've almost got all the original versions in most languages (High Quality) , started to remake it in HQ :p

<--- bored?


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Norwegian part:
Du min beste venn, på vår jord vi elsker den.

You, my best friend, on our earth, we love it.
(directly translated)

I might do the swedish and the danish, the nordic language are very close to each-other..


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That's a bunch of fun, mixin all the languages into one.
Hopefully there is nobody out there who understands all of it.
The meaning would be a huge mess for him, wouldn't it?

Okay, here are the german parts.
0:14 That's a line from a singer. (German) : -->

0:14 Ganz allein fang ich sie mir (All alone I catch them)
1:18 I cannot dig it far! (German) : -->

1:18 Ich kenne die Gefahr! (I know the danger)
1:28 This pokemon: a zoo, fashtay; (German) : -->

1:28 ...das Pokemon, um zu verstehn... (...the pokemon, to understand...)
1:48 Contch's ass-idea! Contch ass is good! (German) : -->

1:48 Komm' und schnapp' sie dir! Dein Herz ist gut! (Come and catch them! Your Heart is good!)

Oh yeah, he guessed one word right ;) --> the word "good"
However, it is really amusing to read what english people of german spech understand.
May this little project comes to an end. Good Luck!