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TR64 Ogl ver 0.7.9


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mightyrocket said:
If that's Mortal kombat I'm the uncle of Donald Duck!

I didn't post Mortal kombat cause the only thing you can see is a black screen.
In the other hand Majora's mask is well emulated


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Athlon problem

icepir8 said:
Yeah, we all talk sometimes. Jabo hasn't been online much when I'm on so I haven't talked with him for a while.

No I didn't get to try the ram you sent me..... I blew up my Atholon CPU when I put it in the new board. :cry: :cry: :cry:

So Until I pick up a new cpu I'm using an 350 mhz PII OC 2 400mhz. :/

What happened exactly? Did the heat sink come off or lifted up?

A common Athlon processor failure is caused by the heat sink
coming off or accidently cracking the processor die while clipping
on the heat sink.

The problem is more common with Athlon T-Birds.

Chiefly if it was an Athlon T-Bird, if the heat sink comes unclipped,
the processor will fry within 10 seconds and you are likely
to literally see smoke and possibly a fire, because if and when
the heat sink comes off, the processor temperature can climb
up to 750 F!!!:eek:
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Between 0.7.8 and 0.7.9, the plugin size doubled, and the ini underwent some major shrinkage. What happened?
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I can think of two things:

* He didn't compress the dll
* He built a debug-version :) (or maybe that would be yet bigger)


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Zelda OOT
TR64 OGL 0.7.9
Matrox G450
3x screenshot

borders around textures have gone. That's great since it kinda ruined the game play when sky in zelda looked like chessboard ;) Multitexturing (is it implemented yet?) doesn't seem to work on my card.