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TR64 D3D ver 0.4


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Super Mario 64 has no graphical problems with it at all, other than the known issues. :)
Zelda: OOT has problems (Glitches on N-cube logo, terran wrong colour, load screen black, Link is white, outside of temple of time is messed, BUT the sprites at the top of the screen look better than Jabos 1.5) Playable
Mystical Ninja is glitchy and very slow. -unplayable
Wave Race shows no obvious glitches. :)
Mario Kart 64 has minor graphical problems- sprites look excellent again! :)
Diddy Kong Racing is completely garbled- unplayable
Turok 1- Sprites good, but missing polygons all over the place
CBFD closes PJ64
Bomberman 64 backgrounds are missing but playable
Starfox works like a charm- well done :)
B-K a few of the polygons on the characters are the wrong colour and thats it, and those sprites are again very good indeed. :)
Majoras Mask works, but the colours are all wrong.
Paper Mario flashes all the time, and the menus don't show up.

~all these are good roms

Overall, excellent for the earlier games, in some cases on a par with Jabos 1.5 with better sprites, but you can't change the res yet. I hope this helps :)


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I had quite an adventure testing my ROMs with this plugin. 1964's menus stop reposding to commands when the 'specify UCode' dialogue box comes up (even keyboars shortcuts don't work!) so I was forced to use my second favourite, Project64, for testing.

Banjo-Kazooie: There were some graphical glitches and a strange synching problem (which only happens in Project64 with any plugins). Overall playable though.

Banjo-Tooie: It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

Bomberman64: A lot of GFX were seriously messed up. My system spontaniously rebooted when I tried to quit the game.

Goldeneye 007: No polygons appeared, just 2D stuff. This could be a problem as this game is 90% polygons...

Mario Golf: Selecting UCode 7 let me start the game, but my system spontaniously rebooted again shortly after the ROM started.

Mario Kart 64: Everything seems OK here.

Pokémon Stadium: Everything fine here too.

Resident Evil 2 : Just a blank screen, a stable blank screen though.

Ridge Racer 64: It slowed the a crawl as soon as it started showing gameplay. It also spontaniously rebooted my system when I tried to quit.

Star Fox 64: The text is readable now. Good job.

Super Mario 64: Fine, working fine.

Super Smash Brothers: A little intro, then my system spontaniously rebooted yet again.

Also, what's with the low-res graphics? It looks like a software plugin.


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Icepir8 Direct3D GFX plugin problems

Super Mario 64:
Intro background OK, but only a black shape
of Mario's head and causes Azimer's audio plugin
to repeat the first sound being played.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:
Can't even start the game, because the plugin will crash
with a video plugin exception error.

Perfect Dark:
The textures are still *not* fixed and still has messed up
colors (screenshot of the problem below)

Also, the plugin will still bitch at me, the message about needing to change the Ucode and I'm still required to manually change it to 0 for Super Mario 64 and change it to 7 for Perfect Dark *always*.

Also, when loading a game, if I then don't immediately click
the Plugins > Video Settings right before it bitches at me, the message about needing to change the Ucode, 1964 will lock up
crash (not responding) and I have to kill the process with
Task Manager.

With PC specs:
Chaintech CT-7AJA2E motherboard,
AMD Athlon T-Bird 900 mhz processor,
ATI Radeon VE 64 MB DDR,
Maxtor 80 GB UDMA 100 HDD,
CenDyne 40x12x48x CDRW drive,
US Robotics 5699B 56k modem
and Windows XP Pro

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Re: Re: TR64 D3D ver 0.4

Plisco said:
Indeed Mario backgroud: Keep it up Ice

question: whats up with all of the jagged edges in the screenshots? is this just due to the pre-matureness of the plugin? sorry if this question has been answered already


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question: whats up with all of the jagged edges in the screenshots? is this just due to the pre-matureness of the plugin?

Yeah, there is no way to adjust resolution at the moment - but the progress thus far is amazing.