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I recently got a new gba sp and only got a few games with it and most are old,(gbc-zelda seasons, mario golf, mario tennis---gba-mario kart, and sma4smb3) what are some good games for the system? A couple I though about were castlevania 3 and fire emblem......are these games worth getting and what are some others? thanks.


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Fire Emblem definately, Golden Sun, and of course the Mario Advance series.

shouldn't this be in the gaming forum though ;)


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/Edit by Jaz. Now lets not advise anything illegal. :doh:

But if you want carts, Fire Emblem, Metroid Fusion, SMA4, Mario and Luigi, and Sword of Mana.
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Advance Wars
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Mega Man Zero
Onimusha Tactics
Super Dodgeball Advance
Sword of Mana
Zoo Cube if you like Tetris.


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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Advance Wars 1+2
Golden Sun 1+2
....and another vote for the awesome Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.


I thought F-Zero: MV was shit on gba.
Currently on my Flashcart is Mario and Luigi (Fantastic game) and Fire Emblem.


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Golden Sun 1 & 2
Fire Emblem
Some Pokemon games if you like them
Lufia the Ruins of Lore
Tactics Ogre


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I'd also like to vote for Boktai, Shining Soul is interesting, Guilty Gear X is a good way to waste half an hour as well. Currently on my cart: King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood, Shining Soul, Rock and Roll Racing, LoZ: Links Awakening and PocketNES.


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oh Shining Soul is a really good game and Rock and Roll Racing is cool (I used to play it on my good ´ol SNES...