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Toggle between absolute & relative X-Y axis mouse controls


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Happily been using keyboard/mouse support with Goldeneye on N64 emulation.

The mouse controls are perfect, expect one minor small thing.
During normal movement the X-Y axis should be relative, this gives us normal FPS mouse-look feel.

However, during sniping mode, the X-Y axis should be absolute, this lets us aim so much better and more accurate.

The problem is that N-Rage input plug-in, doesn't seem to support "toggle" X-Y configuration - it only switches between them.

Toggle meaning, holding a button to turn it on config/mode. When the button is let go (de-pressed)... then it switches off config/mode.


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You can create a modifier to engage absolute X-Y when a particular button is pressed (the "aim" button in this case).

I'd have to play around with it again to remember the configuration steps, but I'm sure you can figure it out with some trial-and-error.