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Today's lesson: Don't bitch at someone for giving you credit


Just Another Wacko ;)
[09:17] <PsyMan> http://www.emuhelp.com/ <-- If you decide to give me credit do it correctly pls
[09:18] <PsyMan> PsyMan
[09:18] <PsyMan> :(
[09:19] <PsyMan> I hate it when "M" is not capitalized...
[09:19] <PsyMan> will you please? :\
[09:23] <passive> fine you whiny bitch
[09:24] <PsyMan> thanks man ^_^
[09:24] <passive> np
[09:24] <PsyMan> you aren't so evil after all :D
[09:24] <passive> oh, I doubt that
[09:24] <PsyMan> k, you are...
[09:24] <PsyMan> whatever
[09:26] <PsyMan> ?
[09:26] <passive> ?
[09:26] <PsyMan> you evil soab
[09:26] * PsyMan slaps passive
[09:27] <PsyMan> fix it
[09:27] <passive> no
[09:27] <passive> what is today's lesson?
[09:27] <PsyMan> y?
[09:27] <PsyMan> you're teh EVIL
[09:27] <passive> don't bitch at someone for giving you credit
[09:27] <PsyMan> xD
[09:28] <PsyMan> someone=passive
[09:28] <passive> I could have made it PsyBoi
[09:28] <PsyMan> lmao
[09:28] <PsyMan> mind posting this on ET?
[09:29] <passive> go ahead
[09:29] <passive> I never ask:p


At your service, dood!
You must be the most sarcastic "man" on the planet. It's a pleasure to meet such a fine person and I sense this is the beginning of a long lasting friendship.
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