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I don't even want to comment on this. That makes me very uncomfortable. Karth95: I dunno. looks like he's posted a bit too much for my comfort.


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I don't feel like registering on a ROM board to view the post, can someone mirror it here please?


here is what was posted:

Ahem...Here is the summary of recent fixed bugs.
2003-09-27 Patch
- Clicking "Download Plugins Online" works (several reports)
- Fixed Mario Golf (bug reported by TrotterWatch)

Patch 2003-09-30
- Fixed Press Escape to return to window. This is related to the beeping bug, so that should be gone too. (Bug reported by dukenukem)

- 1964.exe uses 4KB less runtime memory, nothing to write home about.. but probably results in a speedup since the memory no longer needs the other lookup table.

Patch 2003-10-02
- Fixed 32bit core bug that caused a sink hole in Crash Zone level of Perfect Dark. (Bug Detected by URAMetroid. Thanks for the kick-ass test information).

- SSE optimizations are back..oops, I accidentally disabled it in the last patch.

- In the About Box, 1964 will now tell you if it will use SSE optimizations on your computer. This way we will always know when SSE will be enabled, because if I ever accidentally forget to enable it again, it will say "Disabled in this build". If it is enabled, 1964 will detect it and tell you if it is supported on your computer. SSE is the instruction set that was introduced with the Pentium III to optimize some 32bit floating point operations. They are also used for parallel processing of these operations, but 1964 doesn't analyze enough to take advantage of parallel processing (maybe someday). By the way, SSE2 is just new 64bit floating point operations, introduced on the P4. 1964 doesn't do SSE2 because I don't have a P4 to test with but we do use SSE1.

New 1964 exe 2003-10-03
- More speed (submitted for your testing)

New schiboAudio plugin 1.2 with mp3 support: needed for games like Perfect Dark and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

1964 exe 2003-10-06
- Fix: Uses substantially less of your CPU when speed limit is on.

New schiboAudio

- Sounds better--Most obvious to my ears is better low-end (bass), but you'll probably hear better audio for all frequencies.

- Optimized mp3 a bit more.

1964 exe 2003-10-24
Kaillera netplay fixes and others. Netplay is working now

- Netplay related bug fixes
> Cannot start 2nd play
> After stop, Kaillera thread does not stop
> When a menu is pressed, don't pause the game during a netplay
> Show Kaillera thread and netplay CPU usage on statusbar
> Even the input plugin is set as "Raw data", can still use Kaillera
> Toolbar button status for netplay
> Games are not synced any more at the 2nd play
> After connected to Kaillera server, changing plugin will crash 1964.exe. - Disable plugin changes when Kaillera window is opened

Other bug fixes:
> mempak bug fix
> command line function is fixed. It was broken.

Patch #2:

- Add variable speed limit function, from menu or keypad Num (+), (-), (*)
- Allow cheat code dialogbox under netplay, (Should we allow it?)

Patches for both 1964.exe and RiceDaedalus-5.2.0.dll


> Fixed the problem of Error Message box, 1964 won't freeze anymore if you click [Cancel]
> Fixed the problem that games cannot start and reset when some cheat codes are activated. Now it should be safe to use all cheat codes.
> When cheat dialog box is loaded, not to pause the game if Kaillera netplay is running.
> Fixed the problem that gameshark F8 GS button doesn't work during Kaillera netplay

=== RiceDaedalus-5.2.0.dll ===

Add EmulateClear feature, DK64 is able to run without jumping graphics.

Please remember to copy your RiceDaedalus5.1.0.ini to RiceDaedalus5.2.0.ini. The plugin is using the INI file under the new name.

1964.exe Patch 2003-10-30
1964.exe build 20031030 Mischief Night

- Fixed bug with new linker that caused crashing at dyna buffer overruns. The new linker is now completed.

- More speed.

- This new linker has not created new bugs to my knowledge, but it has actually uncovered a hidden regcache bug..causing some lost sounds in Banjo Kazooie and Conker's. That will be fixed when I find the time. Turning regcache off fixes them 4 now.

I have merged Schibo's newest works with my current bug fixes. Here is the list of changes over Schibo's latest compiler and linker works.

- Better PJ64 save import/export, still losing control if the state loaded in PJ64, but it seems to work just fine in 1964
- Be able to load 1964.085 save state automatically.
- Can export save state to 1964.085 format
- Check and create save folders
- Take screen shot at a better time
- Don't apply cheatcode during boot
- Remember and restore current selected rom and its position in the romlist
- Remember and restore selected rom and its position at 1964 exits and starts
- Add "Number of players" as a new column in the Rom list. "Number of players" can be set in the INI file, but not through option dialog box.
- Check if plugins are loaded correctly. If not, then pop up the plugin configuration dialog box to select plugins
- Use newer default plugin names
- When 1964.099 runs the first time:
- Automatically pop up the ROM folder dialog box to select a folder
- Select only the most important columns to display in the ROM list
- Verify plugins are correctly loaded
- Disable plugin selection during netplay
- Disable many menus if they are not supposed to be used when a game is not running or a game is running
- Automatically enable/disable the RSP config menu according to whether RSP plugin is loaded
- Call RSP closeDLL at a better place for it to save its configuration
- Other fixes I cannot remember

Kaillera netplay isn't fixed yet. Still have synchronization problem.

For RiceDaedalus5.2.0.dll:

- To support video plugin spec 1.3
- Support screenshot in both DirectX and OpenGL

Patch of 10-25-2003 #4

I thought I could never fix this, but indeed I managed to finish it. I have make audio working in netplay, and games are still in sync. I tested with Schibo's and Azimer 0.30d audio plugins, they worked fine.

The 1st try to solve the netplay freezing problem.

I have implemented the ARQ algorithm. (Automatic resend ReQuest). Netplay is able to request lost packets to be resent from the the packet original sender. This should solve a lot of problems regarding stability.

The out of sync problem happens time to time. If you want to help me to debug the problem, you and your netplay buddy can create a "C:\yds\" folder and then start the netplay game. 1964.exe will create Kaillera log files in the folder. When the out-of-sync problem happens, you can send me the log files (from both parties), then I can compare them and debug the problem. Zip the file please before you send it. And you don't need to play for long time, you can stop as soon as you see it out of sync. The log files are rewriten at each play, so don't overwrite them by the second play. If you don't want the log files anymore, just delete the folder.

Patch of 11-04-2003 for netplay Post #14
This is the 2nd patch for netplay to address out-of-sync problem and to make better cheat application during netplay.

1) Always disable autoCF for netplay
2) Turn off CF menus during netplay, CF won't be allowed to change at any player
3) Always fresh start games for netplay (from empty save slot), saved game won't be use. (Until somedays I am able to broadcast player 0's save file to all other players)
4) Disable lagness menu during netplay
5) After losing connection of player 1 or player 1 drops off, allowing other players to continue or stop without freeze
6) Before starting, player 1 broadcast his game setting to all other players and all other players will use the game setting from player 1. This will prevent different players on different setting so to prevent out-of-sync
7) Before starting, player 1 sends his activated cheat codes to all other players. All other players will use these cheat codes during the netplay.
8) Disable cheat menu during netplay. Cheat codes are not allowed to be modified during game play

1. Out-of-sync problem is not totally solved. Good news is that the out-of-sync problem seems to happen only at the first play. If you find the game is out-of-sync, just all players just stop it and then start again by player 1 (without disconnect the Kaillera server, or quit 1964.)
2. If you want to use cheats, player 1 need to enable them before the game. Cheat setting on other players won't be used at all.
3. Game can be finely stopped at any player, won't affect other players to continue his game (if he want to continue)
4. Game saves are not erased, they are just not used during netplay


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Thanks. Hrm...who posted that? I think that's way too much info for the public.


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Martin said:
Thanks. Hrm...who posted that? I think that's way too much info for the public.

That was mojo.

I'm trying to think of a sufficient rant to berate him privately, but I can't.


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I guess Mojo has seen posts in this thread, and has been awared of his wrong doing.


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Rice said:
I guess Mojo has seen posts in this thread, and has been awared of his wrong doing.

I admit when I make mistakes. Being easy with the rules was one of them. There has been too much information dispersed...no more, please. Let Rice, Gent and I control public information from now on. That keeps the new rules simple.
Let's not spoil the element of surprise for end-users any more than it has been.
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