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Thoughts on n64 emulation through dolphin


Dcemu.co.uk guy
Thought i'd post it here (use to be the goto forum for dolphin discussion before they went mainstream :p)
So....i was playing with Ishiiruka dolphin last night, i thought hmm i wonder if the material maps bump and specularity work with the n64 vc games, and from initial tests, and playing with auto bump, have to admit could be something here.

So whats your thoughts on this, could using the hd textures, plus the materials plus any additional shaders create something even more special that the current n64 emulators and plugins can't currently do?

I'll do some more playing around perhaps import a texture pack from here and add some bumps to it to see if it can be improved upon.

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well not exactly my best work :unsure:


Slider nearly all the way down.....


And all the way up....oh my god what have i done!


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Texture Pack Invader
It's great! 100% compatibility for 10% of the games.
But those games will look great as dolphin will force the internal to output in 1080p or beyond.
Asked about this once on their site once and was IP banned. :(


Dcemu.co.uk guy
crazy, some people unfortunately have an attitude (i've been strict back in the day, but also try to be approachable) well the #1 n64 emulation site is the best place to discuss this :agree:, at the end of the day ho ever its emulated, if there are different ways to enjoy classic n64 games then go for it, i'm quite excited for what can be done, and yep 4k and beyond here.