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This May Be The Perfect Playstation 2 Emulator


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Go to http://win32yabasic.sourceforge.net/ and it is very trust worthy, It was made by the people who wrote the program yabasic which is a legal program licensed by Sony so it should be quite safe.
I hav not tried the download my self yet due to the fact that I am on my dads computer and I ruined mine by downloading a virus-infected file (damn you LimeWire)
I am sorry if this kind of post is banned but I think it may be ok because the download is actually very much legal. Unlike modchips :p


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I think taht isn't a emulator for games only for programms, which are written in yabasic, nothing more. correct me, if I'm wrong!


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It's an environment for testing YaBASIC programs written for the PS2, before uploading them online / making a CD of them. Going by that, it isn't really a "PS2 emulator," but allows you to run YaBASIC programs outside of a PS2. To quote the site, it is "an emulator for PS2 YaBasic under Windows32."


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so I was half there half not, oh well the pointless quest goes on for me even though I have a ps2, and know that there isnt any playstation-fully-working-2 emulators out there at this moment in time.