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This is sick.


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Those who read the Register and slashdot probably already know about it.

Here is the latest M$ strategy to take over the internet and control your hard disk content.



It's time to massively move to Linux ... or to Mac, for those who can afford it.


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the funny thing is it could split the market, shifting the windows OS of the PC and into the set top box where it wants to be, also don't discount the hacking community, it's almost as though computer companies create copy protection systems as a challenge towards hackers, M$ might have just have waved a red flag at a bull


hehe.. in 10 years.. MS cops.. MS ternimators.. and "MSWars the Movie".. staring Bill (Windows, i am your father) Gates..


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meh, I heard about this ages ago it will be a few years before its implemented

but still down with M$!


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It will never happen guys. I'm afraid youve forgotten about the fact that in most countries monopolies are illegal.

First, they would be in more monopoly lawsuits then all of their asses could hold. I mean think about it, Software companies like Netscape for example would be afraid that M$ would not allow them to install their browser instead of IE or Corel instead of Office and that would cause controversy and Microsoft would surely lose... again.

Second, how many motherboard companies would go along with this? You think they are going to say.. "Sure we will install this chip to allow you to control everbodys lives on our motherboards." I mean come on. People wont buy them and the motherboard companies know this.

Third, while people are putting up with some of M$'s shit, they wont go that far. M$ would lose too much of their precious green to do this. I mean, no programmers are going to want to pay M$ to give away their software. Like I said, this will not happen and if it does M$ will lose an extreme amount of money cause nobody will go for it.

So you see, if Microsoft is interested in losing their money then they can try this but it will most likely get shot down. M$ loves to scare people by announcing their ridiculously controlling plans and they never come through with them.
all microsoft software will use it.. but this has basically stemmed from governments telling microsoft theyre not secure enough... data loss etc, so they use it to better their finacial gain rather than making something accessible and secure