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This has probably been asked before...

Yo Fadda

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I want to know how I do use the NesterDC (long story short, my uncle got tricked into buying a dreamcast with no games so I searched and found out about this program and I have a crap load of NES roms and nothing but time to spare)...ok on with the question...

do I have to have two seperate disks (one for the emulator and one for the
roms) or just one with the emulators and roms, and if I can have it all on one cd how do I organize things does it have to be in a certain folder and if so can i organize things in my own way like this
\Japanese (english tranlated)

and if so will my uncle be able to see the sub folders? , and do I have to unzip the roms or keep them zipped?, and do i have to mod his DC in anyway to get this thing to work?

Thats all of my questions...sorry about this being longwinded but I want to know as much as I can about this before i start burning...and if you answer my questions could you please give as many details as you can because i know a lot about emulation but i have no clue when it comes to the dreamcast...