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the reversed stereo of the 0.5x audio plugins


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am i the only one that this bothers? well, no, i know i'm not, because i saw someone else asking about it. the plugin version 0.30 does not have the channels switched. why did that change between then and 0.5x? i love the 0.50 plugins (the 0.50 LLE and 0.55.1a HLE are both tasty), if i dont want to record, anyway, but the reversed audio drives me nuts.

okay, i cant switch the channels in pj64, and i cant switch the channels in windows. but maybe i can switch the channels in the plugin itself. 0.55.1a was released as source, and it's nice that i have Visual Studio .NET here to work with it. however, even though i have experimented with swapping various references to left and right, it has never produced any noticable effect. perhaps if this were written in java, i would be able to figure it out. :blush: as it is, it's looking like i don't know c++ well enough to do this myself.

so what im asking are 1) is there some well known solution for this that people just dont talk about? 2) why is it like this? and 3) could i get assistance from someone in modifying the source to produce a straight-channel plugin dll?