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The Legend of Zelda: The Unicorn's Lair (Development)

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
I made a new topic to use the development stages of the game I am working on.

Here, you will find alpha, beta and so many pictures representing an idea.

Changes may be constant and even scrapped, you never know what may or may not make it into the final game :p

WARNING: If you do not want to spoil the game for yourself, I recommend not looking at the descriptions along the images

Beta development:

We start out this phase, where the real action begins, in none other than Zora's Domain-

Now after we have ourselves the objective, let's see...

...Zora's Domain is dried up!

Not only that, but..

...someone is generous enough to break open the seal, does that mean...!?


Aside from the generosity of the broken seal...why is there water of all things!?

More later :)
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i think it's a good plot but you should put an obstacle, like finding an item that will allow you to get in. Like a Zora ancient treasure or something like that, [maybe the king knows something xD]. I think it's just too easy if you find it the way you are planning to.

just my 2 cents
please forgive my syntax (or grammar) xD. English it's not my mother lang.


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looks awesome! are those the original textures?
also, are you planning on making this cross-platform or open source, becuase I would love to play your game on linux!

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
I ripped the model from the actual game lol, and those are natural genuine textures straight from the game :p

There are plans to make obstacles, yes.
But for now, i'm focusing on room design lol
This game will also be available on Mac and Linux, Windows too.

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
That question, zion, is out of my league XD
I have only ripped the models, I would have no clue on how to insert them back in :p

I am also an artist and 3D modeler, and I animate them too XD
I also texture as well, sorry I cannot answer your question :p