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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta - Project -

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
This is a new game I plan to make after I am done with the Unicorn's Lair.

Anyway, Unicorn's Lair will not be fairly long at all, I have revised a lot of detail.

Now to get to the point.

This game will be what Nintendo originally planned with Zelda 64 before canning it into Ocarina of Time.

I need a voice actor who can provide static and background free voices for Link as seen in this youtube.com video:


I would like his voice in the style of that when he gets hit, slashes, falls, dies and so on.
If a female can voice a bit of a boyish accent, that would work too :)
But I need a feminine voice related to a boyish voice like that seen in the video :)

This is for the beta game I want to make.

Unicorn's Lair will be Ocarina of Time's final voices of Link.


At your service, dood!
If you're talking about giving link more than attack sounds, no, just no! Nintendo never gave link any text or voice so if you want to do what you say and make it true to the game don't give link any speech or text.

I disagree with your comments that OOT was not Nintendo's plan, because I strongly doubt missing the triforce as an obtainable item and having a fruity unicorn statue would change it much, considering OOT got 10/10 from practically everyone when it was released how could you top perfection?

Finally, Why didn't you post this in your existing thread, this is a dupe. It'll end up being merged ya know.

(I toned down my post completely)
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Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
I never mentioned ANYTHING about speech.

I just want the grunts, groans, moans and so on when Link gets hit, swings his sword, falls a long way down, does a back-flip and so on with that youtube video voice on the beta project, not the Unicorn's Lair version.

I do not intend nor will I be implementing him actually talking.

And I am NOT trying to top Ocarina of Time.
This is a project, not a "i'm better than Nintendo, woo-hoo!" ordeal...!

And about the plan, I should have advised I felt there was a slight difference in the story-line grasping elements, not the story as a whole.

Unicorn Fountain will have, if I can get them, sound effect and voice acting files to associate with his grunts and so on, NO speech.

The beta project will feature his feminine different voice, NOT speech.