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T3h pwn3r3r
I saw that there have been threads popping up here and there with praise to chanka, just to die out after 0-4 posts. So, I though, why not create a topic where everyone can say what they think of chanka. Anyways, I'll start out first.


Well team, all I have to say is great work. I have been anticipating Chanka since you released the videos of Sonic Adventure and the BIOS. And i still can't wait for the new releases. With each release I find more joy because more things work, and there are sometimes added things :) Great job Chanka team, and keep up the good work.


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Even though all of these "thank you chanka team" posts become really tiresome once in a while (I can expect this to die after 0-5 posts) I will say this, you fucking rule, chankast team. :) And I'm really waiting for version 0.3 so that I can get better framerates for my games (if that's what they meant for the 600-700 mhz users).


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normally, i would use an emu and just check the progress once in a while, cause of that i was also never active here :p but now with chankast i'm just checking everything everyday, i became active here, and can't stop playing with it, i just love it so damn much, that i almost pee my pants of happyness when a new version comes out (ok, offcourse i never pee in my pants :p)


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I started getting into emulation after I seeing all my friends playing console games and saw me stuck with a point-and-click game on my pc.
I knew the pc could pull the quality and pace of those games off, but somehow it never did (then). After a lot of searching I stumbled on a dos-based snes-emu without any sound DMA or joystick support and completed Final fantasy 3 under those conditions... Since then, I've been tweaking and collecting about every emu just for the joy of: "wonder what it looks like when I could play this on my pc"...

Nowadays I don't care about playing those games anymore, nor do I have the time for it. But I love tweaking a game, even if it's just for enhancing it or making it playable.

Chanka inspires me the same way as that snes-emu did. But then with next-generation graphics which still outrule most modernday pc games. I just love the DC, I dusted my old one off and gave it a propper burial. I've moved on... :) Long live Chanka...

Thanks Chankast TEAM!!!


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When i first read there was a new DC emu, i was very sceptical mainly because there were some projects in long time development.
When i saw the videos, i was astounded and then i thought maybe it's a hoax?
But when i downed the emu and tried it, i very quickly began to develop respect for this emu and it's programmers.

Such hard work and devotion to put a stable and working emulator up in only 3 months, could be called a "Miracle" by any means.
And like any other "Real" emu fanatic i sit and watch quietly without any whining or complaining what it's next release will bring.

I don't like to speak in behalve of other people normally, but when i say "The ChanKast team rockz hard".
I know that everyone here will agree with me.

Respect to y'all! :bouncy:



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Great work!

Yeah people, a lot have been said about this emu and guys who made it. In my opinion, we all are so lucky to have those guys around, doing hard work for the scene to make the impossible happen. No complaints about everthing, this emu rocks. After play Tekken 3 and Bloody Roar 2 on several PSX-emus, I was so astonished by the quality and speed of Chankast. Hey it took a long while to make all the other 1st or 2nd generation console-emus to work proper, but the Chankast-team did a great work right from the start.

Thx a lot.