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The Association to Give Ice Cream to Gamecube Emulators Programmers


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Hello dear Emutalk.net members,

I am posting today to inform you about the AGICGEP (Association to Give Ice Cream to Gamecube Emulators Programmers)

What does it do?
This association has as goal to give Ice Cream for Gamecube Emulator Programmers to reward them for their hard work.

And what?
It also helps them cool to prevent any overheating and melting of the programmer, helping them work in a better environement and safe from any brain damage or accident.

Who is included in this program?
Our program only includes Senior programmers, people that are skilled enough to work a long time and perform task that demand a high concentration, a quick mind and a good logic. Only those programmers can access Ice Cream from our Association. Some other Junior Programmers that are trying to get higher in Gamecube programmation are having a hard time reaching this stage. Due to the limit of our supply, we cannot afford to spend Ice Cream to junior programmers who just can't make the cut.

Anything happened before?
We already dealed with a case of EPO (Extreme Programming Overload), Where a programmer was working so hard that he got so hot that his computer blew up from the heat and he lost all his work. The programmer (that I cannot mention the name) is now in prison after killing around 239 Computer Mices. Sadly, the poor mices didn't stand a chance , funerals were hold after the slaughter.

Do we know any of them?
There is a programmer that was working on a gamecube emulator that had to stop programming because he was getting hot too fast. We couldn't supply enough Ice cream to cool him down so he had to force-quit programming. You can find the programmer by is IRC alias "hotquik" , his name is representative of his problem, he gets hot too quick.

There is the case of F|RES, another one that his alias connects to his problem. After the Release of the last Beta of the Emulator Dolphin, he went so hot, that his chair and his desk caught in fire. He didn't suffer from much injuries thanks to his quick reaction. But this incident forced him to stop working in fear of this event to happen again.

There's is also another programmer, going by the alias "Aprentice" who cannot continue the work he was doing. This case is also one showing that his alias is connected to his status. He was too novice to work hard and we couldn't supply Ice Cream to him, so he had to stop before overheating and hurting himself.

Some of our members:

Ector :
One of our best, he doesn't need much ice cream for the good reason that he can work hard and fast without generating much heat, creating his own safe environement, extended load might make him heat too much so we have him on monitor and we have an emergency team ready to be dispatched incase his temperature gets too high.

ShizZy :
We can compare him as an old version of an AMD CPU. Gets hot fast, but with the correct amount of cooling, he can perform pretty well. This programmer is one those who made this association possible, he is our main member who requires a good portion of Ice Cream each day. He really appreciate the dedication we have for him. We can see he's happy when he receives his portion when we can see on IRC:
[12:37] <@[ShizZy]> hmm

Living in Russia, we got problems supplying him with Ice Cream. The main problem is that Ice Cream importation is illegal in Russia. He got caught when unloading his stock from a Freigh Train at the depot and since then, the army took him away and forced him for some years at military training to pay for his crime. We apology for the inconvenient and we are currently dealing with the high authority of that country to find a work around to be able to let him access his needed supply.

Without the AGICGEP , Emulators like Dolphin, Dolwin, Gekko, Whinecube and Gcube wouldn't be this advanced. We support each of our programmer the best way they can so they are able to work as hard as they can without ruining them mentaly.

Knuckles, Director of the AGICGEP.​
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I knew I should have skipped Chip8 and gone straight to GC emulation! Oh well, now I have to buy my own ice cream. :icecream:


I used to have around 30 or so pints of the stuff sittin in my freezer that I used to give away (I stopped eating Ice Cream). I lost power to my freezer and by the time I found out it all melted.

I would have definitely given it to you guys.


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I was thinking of something more along the lines of something like a root beer float, except instead of root bear, something caffeinated, so they can stay up late, and stay cool. I wonder if Bawls would be any good as a Ice cream float :x


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That was directed at knuckles ^^

I kinda noticed that too, but.... It's Dolqube :shifty: so... doesn't really matters ahahah. btw it's like i will never get an ice cream from you guys T_T, but i'm not giving up on emulation[yet :( ] ahhahah maybe you could start a "give ice cream to lame chip8 emu authors fundation" that way i could have some ice cream T_T
anyways hahah i had a good laugh with this [thumbs up ]
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Hey mr director Knuckles, if I give my strong and useful moral support for them, while I earn some ice cream? :D


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Sadly, any members of the direction, administration and shipping departement aren't allowed to get access to our supplies. The Ice Cream we have has been carefully calculated to fit perfectly the number we need to deliver and therefor, cannot be used for anyone else.

btw it's like i will never get an ice cream from you guys T_T, but i'm not giving up on emulation[yet ] ahhahah maybe you could start a "give ice cream to lame chip8 emu authors fundation" that way i could have some ice cream T_T

Even if we are only supporting Gamecube Emulation, We have futur plans to support other systems development. Right now, we are working on a way to include PlayStation 2 Emulation and MicroSoft Xbox Emulation support program to our current organisation. Currently, we are having issues concerning the funds we can obtain from different places. Since we are already tight on available money for our stock of Ice Cream, we cannot afford to spend more on any other projects even if we would really like to.

If you are in any way interested on helping the Association, either by Money or Ice Cream Donations, we would appreciate it at a really high point.
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