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Taking SAV file from PSP Gameboy emulator to another platform?


Leap of Faith
I posted this in another forum, but have yet to hear anything there so I thought I'd ask here as well and see if someone may know.

Two issues related to this.

I switched a while back from PSP to a NDS system. Before the switch I backed up my saves and such form various emulators of games I was playing. All the GBA saves have worked perfectly on the NDS to this point as well as my PC and now XBox.

However the SAV file for the one GB game I was playing (Zelda - Link's Awakening) doesn't seem to work in any other platforms emulator. I've tried several PC emu's and a gameboy emu for XBox with no luck. The built in emulator on my SC Lite won't load it. And I've also tried Lameboy on the NDS, it states the SAV is loaded when you open the ROM, but does not have my profile in it when you go to start actually playing the game.

So what I am hoping to find is some way or someone who might convert this save for me if possible (I have no PSP anymore).

That brings up my second issue though, I can't remember whcih emu on the PSP I was using last. I assume Rin or GeMP, but really not sure it's been too many months now.

So can anyone help or possibly point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any input.
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Leap of Faith
Sorry to dig up such an old post (I know nearly ten years!) but my question relates to my original question above (yes, I never completed this game, lol)

OK, so after failing on never being able to get my saves converted or to get the battery file to work anywhere else I moved on and just forgot about this as I simply didn't want to start over. I guess in ten years I could have done that huh? lol. Anyway I recently came across my save files again and thought I would try them on Rin for the PSP using the PPSSPP emulator (Windows version, as that is where I am testing this) and see about finishing this game finally. Sure enough I can get into Rin and from there load my saves again and continue where I left off, neat!

I'd really like to get this into a different emulator though. I prefer to use my Android devices with GBC.emu, but I guess worst case is I'll play it on Rin from the Android PPSSPP emulator.

So, here is where my new dilemma comes into all of this. In Rin, if I load Zelda and make a new game I can do the in-game saving (START+SELECT+A+B) no problem, and the SAV file works fine imported to VBA-M.

However if I load Zelda, load any of my save states, then try doing the in-game save it hangs (I get white and purple lines or all white screen, not sure why it varies) and the battery file doesn't get written at that point. I can exit Rin via it's menu which does then complete the battery write but the file doesn't have my saved progress.

Is my process not correct and I am just doing this wrong or should I be doing this a different way? I'm so close if I could figure out why it keeps hanging like it does. I see nothing unusual in PPSSPP debug logs.

any insight is appreciated.