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SZS file format explained

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thakis said:
Hi, I need someone who can read japanese. Can you tell me if the text in the following image is sensible japanese? If so, can you translate it for me? TIA.

(If it is japanese, then strings are stored as shift-jis [sjis]...would make me wonder why they don't use utf8)

I am not the best translator, but here's my humble try :

1. Whole scene
2. *something* conductor ( Cant be arsed to look up the kanji ;P )
3. Item Manager
4. Shine(?)/Schein(?) Manager
5. Terrain ( or Map ) Object Manager
6. Tree (?) Manager
19. Secuial (??) scene
20. Indirect scene

I ll translate the remaining ones later on ... ( I ll be editing this post ).

PS : Yes, this is japanese.

edit : bleh, the post below me explained it better ;)

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Here's my attempt -

GroupObj "the entire scene"
GroupObj "conductor early days/first stages, transform/change, use/business errand" (can't make sense of it)
ItemManager "Item Manager"
MapObjBaseManager "Shine Manager"
MapObjManager "terrain shape OBJ Manager"
MapObjBaseManager "Tree Manager"
MapObjBaseManager "large-size terrain object manager"
MapObjBaseManager "Far clip terrain object manager"
MapObjBaseManager "vehicle/aircraft manager"
PoolManager "water area manager"
HamukuriLaunchManager "Hamukuri Launch Manager"
EffectObjManager "Flame Effect Manager"
BoardNpcManager "sign NPC manager"
GroupObj "Mirror scene"
MirrorCamera "Mirror Camera"
MirrorModelManager "mirror surface model control"
MapObjWave "wave"
GroupObj "Specular Shine"
GroupObj "Indirect Shine"
MarScene "Normal Scene"


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I played a bit with supermario sunshine's video files (.thp, they are not stored in szs files, so this does not really belong in this thread)...here's a first screenie. Not too impressive ;-)


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Is the .thp format used in Super Mario Sunshine the same as the .thp format used in other Gamecube games?


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I don't know, but probably. I'll post a viewer in the next hours (say, about 5), you can try yourself and post your results then.


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Thp Player

Here's a thp player for you (with source if you want to take a look):
You only need the .exe to run it...associate it with .thp files and/or drag thp files onto the window to play them.

Supported games so far: Mario Sunshine, Zelda Wind Waker, Mario Kart Double Dash (according to Knuckles, who beta-tests every single gamecube app out there ;-) )

Two screenies:
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thp currently tested/supported that are in the following games:

-Custom Robo
-Mario Sunshine
-Mario Kart : Double Dash
-Pikmin 2
-Pokemon Colosseum
-Zelda 4 swords
-Zelda Wind Waker

-Super Smash Bros Melee
-StarFox Adventure


aka Chrono Archangel
wow im lovin this :) good job thakis.
heres what i tested...


1080 Avalanche
Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis (one doesnt work though....)
Beyblade V-Force
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Megaman Network Transmission
Mission Impossible Operation Surma
Mobile Suits Gundam Pilots Locus
Pokemon Collosseum
SpongeBob SquarePants

Doesnt work:
(Something about it not being a JPEG...)

4x4 Evolution 2
Mario Party 4
Rocket Power Beach Bandits

Thats it for now... i would post pics but its kinda late and im lazy. once again good job thakis :)
I noticed alot of games are using the .h4m format for movies. Will you try and look into that format also? ;)


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Very Good Job! Can you add sound-support on that video-player or is it impossibble?

Btw, I want to ask, when you release that model viewer? It's looks also very good


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Sweet! I'll try it with some of my games later.

EDIT: Just tested it. It rocks!


Doshin The Giant
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Nice that that many games work :) I only own Supermario Sunshine, so I can't take a look at the non-working ones, but I guess most of them could work as well with a few extra lines. If you want, you can take a look at the files in a hex editor (I use frhed, http://www.rs.e-technik.tu-darmstadt.de/applets/frhed156.zip . Use "Open partially..."... ). If the file start with 'THP' (that is, the bytes 54 48 50) it's a "real" thp file, if it starts with ff d8 it's "nearly" a jpeg file (take a look at thpplay's source if you want to know what that means ;-) It's less than 500 lines and well documented...). In these two cases it should be easy to add support for them. If the file starts with something different, it's probably more difficult.

I'll take a look at sound, but I don't know when. The next thing I'll probably do is add subtitle support for the videos (because I hope I'll learn how a file references another file [the subtitles are stored not directly in the thp...]), after that I'll either take a look at sound or continue level loading.

I can't take a look at .h4m files because I have no file in this format (this might change in the future, though).

I don't know when I will release the model viewer. As I said before, yaz0r helped me with joints and materials and he doesn't release his viewer, so I feel it's not right if I release mine. Perhaps I will release it without joint and material support, but I won't think about this before my viewer is somewhat easier to use (currently there are two programs: one parses a bmd file and writes a temporary file, and then another program reads that temporary file. This was sensible when I was using only a few parts of the information in the bmd file, but now it's rather pointless - and there are other quirks as well).

HTH :canadian:


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starfox kinda works now too...i'll post a new release in the next few days

Edit: Seems as if this fixed 4x4 Evolution 2, Mario Party 4 and Rocket Power Beach Bandits as well :) (thanks to knuckles and _chrono_ for their help :) )
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Various Shots from the THPs found in:

Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles [GCCE 8142] (U)
The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker [GZLE C068] (U)

Fantastic Program :D


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10 More just for the hell of it, that and FFCC looks pretty (Shame about the lack of story and mind numbing gameplay)
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