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As you have noticed, all threads have been deleted a few days ago.

After a couple problems with a particular non SHLE forum moderator regulary flaming people here (me included), unlocking and moving threads, I decided, after a plain and clear warning sent to both this troublemaker and Emutalk owner, to break all activities here.

The reason was quite simple. I had no control over my own forum and things were slowly but surely turning into a chaotic situation.

Me and most emu sceners are here to share fun and entertainment as well as spend a part of our spare time helping and listening to end users. Regular forum visitors probably know that I hardly get into flaming, insulting, or false and senseless rumors spreading.
The only "crusade" I ever started was against the fake emulator called HydraHle (SHLE rip off) and its been proved that I was saying nothing but the truth.

But recently, things were going so low that I have even been said to be spreading viruses via SupraHLE.

So, as a matter of a fact, and since my spare time is limited, I decided to annihilate the SHLE forum rather than seeing it ruled by naughty kids. This is a stupid terrorism game I couldn't afford to play at and hardly had any other decent solution.

So, dear supporters, make sure I am really sorry and truely apologize for the inconvenience you had to deal with.
Also, thanks to Martin for taking the right decision and to all those who kindly took some time to support and help me again.



Maverick Hunter
Understood, Dom.
I support your decision.

Let's get back to work on improving our N64 emulators, with productive feedback and discussions.

btw, any news from E or RM? :innocent:
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Philosopher Warrior
i thnk most of us who think both knew why it was done and understand it. now in the words of Eminem "Lets get down to business"


I have and will continue to support you.

You are a good man Dominator, you prove yourself through your work, and your posts. This followup post has even more-so authenticated my thoughts.

I wish you the greatest luck, in anything you choose.

You have done great on Suprahle! :)