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Super Mario Land in Color!



Oversized Cranium
Thanks guys, it actually wasn't too bad (took me less than a week). I've been working on textures for Xenoblade Chronicles in Dolphin for a few months now, so this was a walk in the park in comparison. :) I plan on doing more games eventually like Kirby's Dream Land, but I might wait until Shonumi updates GBE to have PNG support. This means I'll have to go back and convert all the sprites I have done and edit out the green in every image. Knowing this I still couldn't resist colorizing this game since I always wanted to see it.


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[MENTION=18111]Bighead[/MENTION] - If you're interested, there is an HD build of GBE here -> http://www.emutalk.net/threads/55007-GB-Enhanced?p=452812&viewfull=1#post452812 About Kirby's Dream Land, watch out for solid colors! Specifically the trees in the first level. The insides have the same pixel data as other parts of level 2 (the mountains in the background). I guess going for green mountains or fall-ish brown trees would work.

FYI for everyone else, I'm working on GBE+ at the moment, which will basically replace GBE. I expect that the format for custom graphics will remain the same and compatible with GBE 1.0. Anything that's new (GBC and GBA custom graphics) won't affect what GBE can already do, as far as my tests show anyway. Obviously my biggest focus is getting GBA support somewhat functional before I integrate GBE's old codebase and begin work on the GUI.

Great work Bighead, I played this the other day and I really had fun. Maybe I'll work on colorizing stuff myself :)