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SSF 0.08 alpha R5 Released *updated to 0.08 alpha R5'*


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SSF 0.08 alpha R5 Released

Category: <b>Saturn</b><br><br>A new version of this excellent Sega Saturn emulator has been released. If you can read Japanese you can visit the SSF Official Site for more information.

:: SSF Official Site
:: SSF 0.08 alpha R5'


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Thanks to Borisz for the changelog :)

A new version was put up, although not many changes have been made since I don't have the time.
SSF Ver0.08 alpha R5
Subcode Q processing of the CD Block was updated.
The battle progress explanation screen in Gungriffon and the demo screen of Gungriffon 2 have stopped skipping.
Window processing of the VDP2 was updated.
Memory Access Wait processing was updated.

Mission Stick, Multi-controller and Mahjong Panel inputs have been hooked up.
Key arrangement (for the Mahjong Panel):
A-N = A-N keys
Kan = Ctrl key
Pon = Alt key
Chi = Space key
Riichi/Reach = Shift key
Ron = Z key

An option for the (SCU) DSP to be processed in an exclusive thread has been added.
However, since synchronization with the SH2 will become difficult, software with high (cpu) load may fail to work.

CPU usage for dual and multi-core enviroments has been set up.
Exclusive threads processed by the CPUS:
for 2 cpus (Dual Core):
CPU0 - Main Thread
CPU1 - VDP2 Draw Thread

for 4 cpus (Quad Core)
CPU0 - Main Thread
CPU1 - VDP2 Draw Thread
CPU2 - VDP1 Draw Thread
CPU3 - DSP Thread

Save State data version was updated.
Savestates from previous versions cannot be used. Since it's becoming difficult to maintain compatibility...
From now on, if save state data is changed, (backwards) compatibility shall not be taken into consideration.

Although analog input has been hooked up, it has not been checked much.
Since I only have a XBOX360 controller...