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SSF 0.07 Alpha R8 Released


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Shima's incredible..

Release Changes said:
SH2 Interrupt processing has been corrected.

Video processing improved.

Processing of RGB sprites has been added.

Processing of SCU's built-in DSP corrected.

CD block emulation improved.

Warring States Blade tile issues corrected.

SCSP code has been largely improved.

Modified CDDA playback; only digital reading is done now. Due to the fact that most if not all recent CD drives can read discs digitally, and, because Saturn does digital reading natively, this is the best way to emulate CDDA.
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That would mean re-writing his whole SH2 recompiler.. not fun. :p He also claims that without SSE2, SSF wouldn't be near as fast as a recompiler built without it.


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Unfortunately it's true... I remember using a version of SSF that also worked with non-SSE2 CPUs on my Athlon XP 3200+ (the author tried to include non-SSE2 CPUs). The emulation speed was much slower than on a slower P4 (using the same version of SSF) which means that SSE2 is one of the primary speed factors of SSF... :\