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Special Effects: Glide64 (Final) vs Rice Video 0.3.0


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Hi guys,

I just tried Glide64 (both versions, and Final) and the new RiceVideo 0.3.0 with Project64 2.1. However, when using a High-Res-Pack for Zelda OoT, I could detect some differences in special effects.

Here are some pictures (damn, can't post links as newbie, please look at the attatched files..Hover over the files to see the filename and therefore the used GFX plugin, it goes from left (ricevideo) to right (glide64)):
#1: Look at the dust behind Epona
With Glide64, the dust looks dirty and "incomplete" (I'm missing the correct word for it).

#2: See the flames-effect
Again, with Glide64 the flames-special-effect looks not like flames, but more like a texture moving over this logo. In motion (videoupload would be too big), the RiceVideo looks much better here.

Is it possible to get these better effects also with Glide64 (config e.g.)?
I like Glide64 more, because RiceVideo 0.3.0 is not using or creating any caches for me, it only uses the high-res-texture folder (so it takes very long to read all these pngs into the ram..).
Also with RiceVideo, the moon in the Zelda OoT intro is moving "sluggish".
On the other hand RiceVideo offers the option to use Anti Aliasing, which Glide64 does not..(Ok, I could use my graphics card driver to enable this..)


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