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Sonic Advance


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I found sonic advance at last but then, to my dismay it didn't work
All it dispayed was 4 horozontal lines.
I tried the rom with all of the emulators (vba, vgba, boycott) but none of them work.
could i please have some help?:cool:


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Yes I did as a matter of fact but I found some levels of Sonic 2(DC) very dissapointing and then there is the stupid chao world which sucks.


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i have sonic adventure 1 and 2 and they kick soooooooooooo much ass, in sonic adventure 2 if u get 180 emblems you'll get to play in green hill in 3d (it even changes the music and sfx to match the genesis version:D:inlove::thumbsup:


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awsome! 'didnt know you can play in green hills.
i would try it but those damn Tails and Dr. robotnik mech levels piss me off.

mabey i'll wait for the gamecube version, hopefully sega fixes some of the bugs


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dave_luther said:
sonic kicks ass, now hes on nintendo systems, id love to see a sonic mario crossover game

A few months ago ther was a rumor of Nintendo and Sega teaming up to make an so called ''all-star Platformer'' featuring Mario and Sonic which would be released for the GC but Nitendo revealed this to be just a rumor


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maybe sonic & friends if sega allows will make an appearance on the next ssb title if there is one, thatd be cool