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some interesting regarding a gta3 mod


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After scouring the net i found an interesting site regarding GTA3. It seem that one of our member has been busy making a mod for gta3 and it looks very promising. This guy is a bit shy so id like to introduce Lachp30. He is a pretty commited guy and after contacting him, he said he needed help with mapping.
The site is is miami77/

check it out if your interested in mods and GTA3 in general.


Cheers Icelord,

Pitty not much interest on the subject, but for for anyone who is, we need a a co mapper. Keep it in mind for one of those rainy days where all u want to do is make maps for GTA3..lol:plain:


The multiplayer mod for GTA3 is really kewl!
Still abit buggy but nice to play gta3 multiplayer!