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some Gamecube Image Tools...


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I have found a few useful tools and have joined them! But I have not programmed them!
Thanks to the creator of these programs and not to me please! Please, does not ask me like these programs function!
I have added a Readme in that all descriptions exist!
These are not all tools and, therefore, I have opened new thread because you own tools can point here!
I qualified that a thread without regulate is is fast closed! Therefore, I must add some rules!

1. Dont post here any Illegally software !
2. Dont post any Gamecube Image here!!
3. Dont post here any parts of a Gamecube file (even a .xyz file)!!
4. Dont ask me how fast does my system work etc.!
5. Dont tell others how to load Gamecube images!!
Please accept this rules!

If someone has a other Gamecube Tools please Puplish them here (can need a .CMDL Model viewer).

If one of the developers this tools a little bit against it has that I them publishes then he should inform me and I will remove this!
And please have consideration for it this forum some regulate it had to be kept!
I myself do not hope that I some regulate has broken ... if then I ask for excuse and do not hope admins me banishes.

I hope some can need the Tools ;-)

Mouser X

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Sercio said:
5. Dont tell others how to download Gamecube images!!
Please accept this rules!
Fixed. It's alright to tell someone how to get it running in Dolphin (therefore load), but it's not alright to tell them how to get the image files, or where to get them from. I just wanted to clarify that, that's all. Mouser X out.
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