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So Demul is making a comeback?


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just downloaded Demul and the new release is pretty decent. I have yet to run across any incompatibility's. Am i alone? used null DC for a while... Chankast for the games that didn't load right.... but i wanted so badly to be able to play speed devils. Downloaded the new release of Demul and fell in love.... why are we not funding this?!


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I agree, Demul is such a great emulator, people tend to prefer NullDC, I guess by unawareness or just because Demul is much more hardware demanding, but the latest release combined with Dx11 plugin deliver a 99% hardware like experience, it is more compatible than NullDC, ( no WinCE games on NullDC) it also runs Naomi, Naomi 2 Atomisware etc platforms.

In comparison NullDC is plenty of graphical glitches that are 99% gone on Demul, as I said as expence of higher hardware requirements.

Oh and yes I used to prefer Nulldc too until I tried Demul, no turning back for mi.