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SNES Gun Alternative

Nathan M.

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I have seen some SNES games that require a gun for play. Is there any alternative to actually buying a gun (like a Wii remote or a mouse)? I am just looking for an emulator that supports an alternative to buying a gun (or a plugin perhaps). I the gun is called a Super Scope or a Nintendo Scope (here is an article about the Gun its'self: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Scope)
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Fanatic 64

As far as I know only the original gun can be used to play those games. This is due to the way the gun works, which cannot be replicated by any other means, and is necessary for the games. Furthermore, the gun will only work with interlaced scan cathode ray tubes.

Nathan M.

New member
I know the original gun can be used, I just was looking for an alternative for emulators.