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SMS Plus PSP to go back in time


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Category: <b>PSP</b><br><br>Uberjack posted this news:

If you’re a fan of classic console emulators on PSP, you have no doubt heard of DaveX — he’s well-known for his nifty mods for emulators like NesterJ, and most recently, PicoDrive. These mods are the time rewind and mirror features, which rewind emulation (similar to Braid), and flip the screen horizontally.

Dave is responsible for the popular mod of SMS Plus PSP, and he recently agreed to let me use the time rewind code in the official distribution of the emulator, as well as any other emulators. Look forward to the next version of SMS Plus with this feature included.

Special thanks to Dave for the clever feature, and for agreeing to let me use it elsewhere.